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The race to 300 MPH by Bloomberg Business

Jun 12, 2018

What records should we be aiming for? Is it good for business or is it Funny business ? The race to nowhere!

The race to 300 MPH by Bloomberg Business

I just saw an article in Bloomberg Businessweek about the race to 300 MPH with Super Cars that cost millions. They never even mentioned the new Tesla Roadster II. Most of the super cars are foreign made and designed. Isn’t Bloomberg a financial magazine? Shouldn’t they be concerned with foreign made cars and fuels? How does going fast enough to kill you and those around you benefit the enconomy?

My idea of the race to 300 would be 300 miles on a charge. Tesla has already won that race. In FACT Tesla will pass the 600 miles on a charge in their Roadster II Super car. It will be at the safer and legal speed of 75 mph. In fact at 45 mph that would top 1,000 miles on a charge.

What about some other important records that are good for the economy and environment. The $100 per kWh battery price is a world challenge. Tesla seems to have that one covered too. How about the $35K electric that can go more than 200 miles on a charge. It seems a few companies are close on that one but Tesla might seal it up about the end on 2018.

How about 100% Renewable Energy powered for a factory, city ,state and country. I’d say Tesla has that covered with their GigaFactory. A few cities are doing it now and even a country or two. In FACT some are using the Tesla Power Pack to reach their goals of 100% Renewable. The virtual Power plant in Australia is a very innovative way to reach that goal one house at a time. Again they are using the Tesla Power Wall and Power Pack. When you do the home or city don’t forget the vehicles.

The 100% Semi truck I think will be a real big step. It’s a big goal that will help the economy and environment. After Tesla announced their Electric Semi a few other have jumped in. That is Tesla’s goal to inspire many others to try and beat them to these hard to reach goals. Now that’s a race that we all can win! Hey Bloomberg are you listening?

What records are you chasing ?

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