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Racing Vehicles on 100% Solar Energy from the vehicle

Jul 01, 2018

Running a vehicle on only self contained Solar Energy. Starting in Omaha and going over huge mountains to Bend Oregon. Is that possible? What can we all learn?

American Solar Challenge July 2018

Why in the EV World would you want to run a vehicle on only Solar Energy from a small array on the vehicle ? As I have written many times it’s best to have the Solar PV in an area with full Sun and no shade. It should face South in North American so it makes the most each day. It should also be GRID tied for times when you make too much and don’t have any place to store it.

Yet there are great things we can learn from a 100% Solar vehicle. It shows how much energy production you can make for a vehicle and how fast they can go. The engineering and building materials can teach us how to make electric vehicles. They also use great aerodynamics to get the most out of that power at highway speeds. The students can get great jobs working in Solar , electronics, software and car design with this experience.

There are World , American and High School Solar Challenge races. I got to see the Dell-Winston High School race vehicles as they came through the Phoenix area and they are top quality. The students really understand how they work and what makes them the best. They are the ones that designed and built them. They also one the drivers and support crew. What a super educational EVent.

This year 2018 the American Solar Challenge starts in July at Omaha Nebraska. Yes there is enough Sun Shine and energy to race from there. They then head west cross country to Bend Oregon. Check the route and see if you can meet some of these students as they cross the country on Solar PV Energy. It’s a race with the future of energy in American as part of the prize. Become part of the answer like these students are doing to the most important race today, the Human race.

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