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Science Technology Engineering and Math

Sep 21, 2018

you have heard we need our schools to tech more STEM subjects so our children can have great jobs and change the World. Did you ever notice how Electric Vehicles cover these subjects?

Science Technology Engineering and Math in electric car

The SCIENCE of Chemistry of the Lithium batteries. When you look at the periodic table Li Lithium is one of the lightest materials. It's non toxic and with the great Thermal Battery Management systems in good electric cars so batteries will last 20-30 years with less than 1% capacity loss a year. That is great SCIENCE .

Also the TECHNOLOGY of REGENerative braking that lets a car slow down or stop without using the old wasteful Friction brakes. It adds energy back to the battery while not making any brake dust. Another great TECHNOLOGY used.

Also the ENGINEERING of DC and AC power and how Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla were competing. Nicola Tesla won and our US GRID is all AC powered now. Tesla did it in 1898 by providing AC power from Niagara Falls over 20 miles away for a World Expo in Buffalo NY. Edison and DC power could only go 2 miles. Electric cars use DC batteries for storage and AC controllers and motors than are very efficient and don't need a transmission. They are over 90% efficient while a gas motor is only 20% efficient. That is some great ENGINEERING that has changed the WORLD.

Electric cars charge with ENGINEERING from AC power from 120 volts giving 1 kW or 240 volt systems providing about 6 kW rates of power . They can also use DC Fact chargers that can provide 50 to 150 kW rates of power. We use MATH to calculate the time it takes to charge at each of these rates. Since Power Is Amperage time Volts we show how for example a 120 volt 10 amp outlet provides 1,200 watts or 1.2 kW in an hour. Most electric cars go 4 miles on 1 kWh so it would take over 3 hours to charge for a 12 mile trip. We can then show times for a 240 volt charge and on up to 50 kW Fast Charges. It's all MATH once you have the numbers.

Since the power for the ENGINEERING of electricity comes from many sources we then talk about Solar PV , Hydro Like Arizona Falls and the 7 other AZ Hydro plants in my area along with Nuclear, COAL, Natural Gas and even gas and diesel generators. More Great ENGINEERING.

What S.T.E.M. subjects do you see in Electric Vehicles in an EV WORLD?

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