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GM part of the lost BIG 3

Nov 29, 2018

In the USA we used to have the BIG 3. It was GM,FORD and Chrysler. They have all cut back and are getting smaller.


GM just announced they are closing factories and cutting 25% of their work force. They will stop making most cars and concentrate on Trucks and SUV and CUV vehicles. So what happened to the so called BIG 3? That was GM, FORD and Chrysler.

1st to go was Chrysler. They were bought by Fiat. They cut their work force and make most of their vehicles and parts out of the USA.

2nd was FORD. The announced they will drop all of their cars except the Mustang. Their truck sales have been one of the biggest selling vehicle in the USA. So they are also concentrating on trucks and SUVs.

3rd Now GM just announced they are closing factories and cutting most car production. Even their Volt will stop production. The Bolt will continue but they really don’t make many of them. I was very disappointed back a few years ago when they dropped similar brands yet also dropped the Saturn line that was of the most efficient and loved brands. Further back they had even crushed the EV1 saying there was no market for electric vehicles.

In the meantime Tesla have become one of the top 10 selling cars of all time. They have new lines coming very soon with the Semi truck, Model Y CUV based on the model 3 and a pickup truck. Could part of GM’s problems be the growth of Tesla? If GM has stayed with their Electric vehicles could they have claimed the spot that Tesla is filling?

The Current administration is very upset with GM cutting back on workers. After being bailed out everyone thinks they owe the USA more jobs and growth. Instead they are expanding in China and other countries.

Do you think this is the end of USA automakers?

What will happen to GM and FORD if Saudi Oil is cut back or Fracking gets outlawed?

How many jobs will be lost and could Tesla hire most of them?

What do you think?

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