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What will happen in 2019 with Electric vehicles and Renewable Energy ?

Jan 13, 2019

The World is changing. Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy have hit the main stream and are growing very fast. What do you think?

What will happen in 2019 with Electric vehicles and Renewable Energy ? This New Year 2019 promises to be very important to Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy. Both are growing very fast. You can look at it as the glass half full or one half empty. I see a glass over flowing.

In the Electric Vehicle area that are so many new Vehicles coming out it’s very hard to keep up. Some like the new Jaguar I-Pace have already started to take orders and deliver. In Europe it’s the fastest selling electric. The new Tesla model 3 is also now taking orders in other countries and new vehicles are shipping now. It promises to just keep climbing.

Places like China have huge electric vehicles sales since they are such a big market. BYD is doing great there as well as NIO and many others. Tesla have their new GigaFactory 3 that just broke ground in China and could assemble cars there by the end of the year.

The Renewable Energy area is growing with more big project every day. Many say the cost for Wind and Solar is the lowest of any energy choice. Many are also adding battery storage by the Mega Watt and Tesla even has a Giga Watt project in progress. Storage has always been the Holy Grail of the GRID and now it’s really happening.

What do you think about 2019 and the future in general? Let us know and keep up with the news on EVworld .

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