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What car will be the low cost leader that EVeryone owns?

Jan 23, 2019

What will be the new low cost leader of cars like the Beetle was in the 60's?

What is the new Beetle low cost car of the 21st Century?

I remember when the VW Beetle came out in the USA in the 1960’s. It was simple and low cost. Because it was so light it got better gas mileage than most cars. It ended up being one of the best selling cars in history. They hardly changed it for over 10 years.

It was a foreign car but there was nothing like it in the US. But soon American automakers came out with the Ford Falcon, Chevy Corvair and many other smaller cars. Others like Toyota and Datsun joined in too.

So what is the new best selling car that everyone wants today ? It’s a Tesla model 3. It’s not the lowest cost vehicles but it out selling all others cars of any type. When you figure the reliability and lost cost electricity with no gas or Oil. No transmission or exhaust system and it’s 4 times more efficient (80%+) that a gas car (20%) it does have a low life cycle cost.

Will there be a low cost Electric car soon? With a 200+ range on 1 charge? Who will make it ? There are already plans for a Tesla mode C compact at lower cost. Also a new Honda FIT EV at under $20K with 200+ range. Or will it be one of the new China Made electrics. Remember how many used to laugh about the many Japanese good of low quality and now they are some of the best in the world.

Let us know what car you think will take the place of the original Beetle?

PS I think it's my Chevy SPARK EV but they just didn't make enough!

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