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Incentives to buy are all wrong

Feb 25, 2019

The Federal Incentive for Electric Vehicles is all wrong

I’m sure everyone knows about the Federal Incentive of $7,500 if you buy an Electric Vehicle. Then after that automaker sells over 200,000 the incentive is reduced in half to $3,750 after 6 months and then in half again $1,875 before being completely gone after 6 more months. So the companies that sell the most get penalized 1st. So far only Tesla and then GM have made this amount of Vehicles. Nissan is next to hit it later in 2019.

The companies that haven’t produced any electrics or have just made the lowest required number to keep selling their other vehicles. So as they produce the least vehicles they keep the full incentives. In FACT companies like Honda who only made 1,100 Honda FIT EVs and only leased them still gets the full incentives if they ever make another full electric. At least it does include battery sizes on the small Plugin Hybrids so they don't get the full incentive.

The incentive also doesn’t take into account the price of the electric cars. It seems a smaller less costly car should get a smaller incentive. Yet a Smart-ED at $24K gets the same incentive as a Tesla model X at $80K and more. Every automaker so far is just making COMPLIANCE vehicles that are at or below the amount needed to meet minimum numbers. I think they should be cut off from incentives since they have not shown the true intent of the law.

I won't even try to list all the money and subsidies with no limit or end are still in place for Oil.

see GOV chart below

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