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PUBLIC Charging AND your Electric Vehicle

Mar 31, 2019

What do we know about PUBLIC charging our Electric Vehicles?

PUBLIC CHARGING If you drive an electric vehicle you become very aware of all the different ways to charge your vehicle. They are more and more public charging sites coming on line just like early gas stations. Sure they do take a little longer to charge up unlike a gas station but how often do you get a free fill up at a gas station? How often is a filling station located in a shopping Mall with lots of places to eat ,shop and watch a movie? So as you can see it’s a whole different world, An EV World.

Almost all pubic charging locations are Level 2 at 240 volts or more and more a DC Fast Charging station. Of course the speed it takes to charge depends on the power output of each station and with Level 2 the On Board charger in your car. Each car is a little different but most cars have a 6 kW OBC and most public level 2 chargers provide 6 kW.

The price for charging can really be different. Each state dictates that you be billed by time or by kWh. I feel it should always be by kWh. Imaging paying for gas by the minute and you get a slow pump. These states currently permit fees by the kilowatt-hour: California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Massachusetts, as well as the District of Columbia.

Did you know that many public charging stations bill by the minute and only provide 4-5 kW of power output? Did you know that some public stations charge a single power circuit for 2 ports? When 2 cars are plugged in they each only get half the power of about 3 kW instead of a single car getting 6 kW!

Many of the public Fast Chargers are being installed and will bill you for use by a court order as punishment for illegal activity? IE EVGO and Electrify America. Will you trust they to give you a fair deal? The actual kWh rate you pay of many DC Fast Chargers is about $1 a kWh. At home it nationally about 15 cents a kWh.


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