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A World's Fair At a Human Scale

Apr 06, 2014

In invitation to use the power of the internet and crowd-sourcing to commemorate the 75th and 50th anniversaries of the New York World's Fair.

Unisphere from 1964 New York World's Fair

As one way to take notice of these remarkable historical events, designers and builders, artists and engineers, mechanics and craftspeople, are all invited to help invent and make more real, the human-scale, human-powered transportation systems of the future. For the next two years, we are inviting individuals and groups from everywhere on this planet, to submit and exchange their ideas and be part of a massive crowd-sourcing experiment, both online and in your little, or big, neighborhood. We are suggesting that a small plot of public land, or volunteered parking lot or other private property, be provided locally, to help expedite the development of the most beautiful, and highly-functional, cycles and wheelchairs, cargo and passenger-carrying vehicles, the futuristic new machines best suited to serve the needs of our varied environments.

The emphasis must be on safety, affordability, durability and accessibility but each project is an independent entity and may set its own goals and “rules of the road”. We know that 1HP electric-assist motors on bikes are legal by US Federal statute and important when needed to carry heavy weight or overcome wind or difficult terrain. We are choosing to abide by the 20MPH Federal speed limit on electric-assisted bikes. This project does not permit ICE (Internal Combustion Engine)-Age motors. Throttles are also forbidden, so that the vehicles produced must be pedal-activated and thus may be classified as bicycles, wherever they may be, and welcomed on the road.

Multi-passenger, weather-protected, unusual and unique vehicles are among the most desirable. It can be a drawing, a scale model or a working model. It can be imaginary or completely practical. We are hopeful that this endeavor will enable many connections to be made between creative individuals and others like themselves, who find that they are able to work together, as well as investors and governments, eager to expand this activity for economic, environmental, health or humanitarian reasons.

The World's Fairs of old were devoted to bringing forth technology that could benefit mankind, were inclusive of all Nations, and endeavored to bring pleasures along with their lessons and marvels. These features are worth preserving. One of the participating sites is Flushing Meadows Corona Park, the site of two great Fairs in the past. Thanks to technology, this event can be taking place, at the same time, in your own city and on your electronic device. In some ways this may be the first true World's Fair, open to everyone and devoted to our potential to learn and to dream. It may also be a mechanism to help coordinate the contributions that so many may be able to make, to the establishment of an easy to negotiate, peaceful, just and healthful place for ourselves and all others. Please consider beginning a local effort in your

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