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List of upcoming events (latest update March 21)

Jun 17, 2014

A list of upcoming events of interest to readers of EVWorld, including conferences, webinars, ride-and-drive events, and expositions. Also includes links to events and their sponsors.

Latest Update: 2019 March 21   17:04 EST.

I am maintaining an ongoing list of upcoming events.  It is also available at www.PROACCTIVE.info#Group-U or an abridged version at www.LeviCar.com/#Upcoming – look at the middle and right-hand columns.  The mobile versions are at m.PROACCTIVE.info#Group-U and at m.LeviCar.com#Upcoming.

These events have to do with electric and alternative-fuel propulsion, as well as alternate guideway architectures, such as monorails, troughs, tubes, and suspended vehicles.  Also, a few events that discuss policy matters are also included.

The events include both those for professionals, such as conferences, lectures, and webinars; and also shows, expos, and tours for the popular audience.

At the bottom of the list are links to six spreadsheets containing all the information for all events, past, present, and future, that were ever published here, including some for which I haven’t had the chance to “code”.  If you missed something and is no longer shown on this page, it will still be in one of the spreadsheets, albeit in a less convenient format.

I have included a source link for most of these, that is, a link to the web page where I found them.  Not all events on these web pages get included in my list, so you might want to check these web pages yourself.

EVWorld’s Industrial Calendar: http://evworld.com/calendar.cfm.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEEE Transportation Electrification: http://tec.ieee.org/conferences-workshops
IEEE Transportation Electrification Webinars: https://tec.ieee.org/education/webinars/
IEEE … Tutorials and Webinars on IEEE.tv: … /education/tutorials-webinars-on-ieee-tv/
IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society: https://www.ieee-itss.org/
IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS): https://www.ieee-pels.org/products/pels-webinars/
IEEE Systems Council: https://www.ieeesystemscouncil.org/pages/conferences/
IEEE Vehicle Technology Society http://www.vtsociety.org/; (Conferences).
Society for Automotive Engineering
SAE’s Event Calendar: https://www.sae.org/attend/
SAE’s Student-Event Calendar: … /attend/student-events/
SAE’s Learning Center: https://www.sae.org/learn/professional-development
SAE webcasts: https://www.sae.org/webcasts.
Transportation Research Board (Recent Announcements)
TRB Calendar: http://www.trb.org/Calendar/Calendar.aspx.
Electric Mobility Canada
EMC Events: https://emc-mec.ca/event/.
InterTraffic: https://www.intertraffic.com/.
The International Maglev Board
Conferences: http://www.maglevboard.net/en/the-conferences.
Plug In America: http://www.pluginamerica.org/
National Drive Electric Week: https://driveelectricweek.org/.
Advanced Automotive & Industrial Battery
Conferences: http://www.advancedautobat.com/.
Ertico, ITS Europe
Annual Congresses: http://ertico.com/projects/congresses/
Projects: http://ertico.com/projects/.
Association for European Transport
Conferences: https://aetransport.org/en-gb/.
Battery Webinars and Seminars: http://plugvolt.com/.
European Association for Electromobility: http://avere.org/.
Intelligent Transportation Systems Society of Canada

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Here are the current and upcoming events:

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Planet Electric – Nordic EV Summit, Oslo, Norway – March 21 to 22, “… takes on a global perspective …” (main page).  Contact page.

IEEE-TEC Online Community Tutorials:  Session 4: High-Efficiency, Wireless Fast Charging Concepts and Methodologies – March 25, 2:00 – 3:30 pm EDT, presented by Sheldon S. Williamson, Professor, University of Ontario-Institute of Technology (UOIT) – “… introducing advanced power electronics solutions for rapid charging using wireless power transfer.” (registration).  Cost: $25.

Smart Cities and Mobility Forum, Sofia, Bulgaria – March 26, “Now is the time for conversation, connection and innovation, which will shape the future of cities and mobility systems.” (main page).

NCE-FastEvNet – Final Action Conference, Brussels, Belgium – March 26, 1:00 6:00 pm, “It has deployed 10 multi-standard fast charging stations for electric vehicles (EV) in Slovakia and 75 in Poland.” (main page).  Contact: Julia Bircakova e‑mail.

MOVE – Mobility and Vehicles, Poznań, Poland – March 28 to 29, “… discuss the leading trends of the e-mobility industry, … and forecast the coming changes on this market.;” (main page).  Contact Form (in Polish).

TransportationCamp PHL, Philadelphia, PA – March 30, “… we welcome you … for a day filled with ideas at the intersection of transportation, technology, and urbanism.” (main page).  (series page), (essential guide).

20th Asia-Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference, Bangkok, Thailand – April 1 to 4, “ Next Revolution in Automotive Industry” (main page)Contact page with Map.

Conference – Connected and Automated Driving (CAD), Brussels, Belgium – April 2, “Europe Takes the Lead” (main page).  Contact page.

SAE CEU Course: Principled Negotiation, Troy, MI – April 2, “Successful negotiations occur when all parties want the agreement to stay in force and when everyone has a vested interest in making things work.” (main page).  0.7 CEUs;  Instructor: Eric Timmis.

SAE 2019 Government/ Industry Meeting, Washington, DC – April 3 to 5, “ … discuss the effect of government action and regulations … on future vehicle design.” (main page).  Overlaps with the Washington Auto ShowContact page.

TransportationCamp Ithaca, Ithaca, NY – April 6, “Five periods of up to four+ concurrent sessions …” (main page).  (series page), (essential guide).

The 13th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference (SYSCON 2019), Orlando, FL – April 8 to 11, “… System-level thinking is essential … not only for technical systems, but also for society at large. …” (main page). Contact form; get newsletter.

SAE CEU Course: Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Engineering Academy, Troy, MI – April 8 to 12, “ …intensive learning experience [on] hybrid and electric vehciles …” (main page).  3.8 CEUs;  Instructors: Saeed Siavoshani, Richard Byczek, Kevin Konecky, Gene Liao, Manoj Shah, Robert Spotnitz, and Thomas Stoltz.

SAE 2019 World Congress Experience, Detroit, MI – April 9 to 11, “… where collaboration and imagination converge to create new solutions for common industry challenges.” (main page).
•  SAE Connect2Car™ at WCX – April 11 “… wants groundbreaking, customer-focused and scalable ideas.” Enter Challange: (due Mar. 10 extended) Contact: Nori Fought E‑mail

InterTraffic Istanbul (Turkey) – April 10 to 12, “… perfect gateway to the traffic technology market in Turkey and the surrounding regions.” (main page); (plusITSUPThe event for smart‑mobility startups).  (Exhibitors’ info.)  Contact page.

SAE CEU Course: LIDAR and Infrared Cameras for ADAS and Autonomous Sensing, Detroit, MI – April 10 to 11, “LIDAR and Infrared camera sensing are seeing a rapid growth … sensor requirements and system architecture options continue to evolve almost every six months.” (main page). 

2019 International Conference on Microwaves for Intelligent Mobility, Detroit, MI – April 15 to 16, “… covers all key enabling technologies for intelligent mobility, …” (main page); (General Chairs’ Message)Contact page.

Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, Long Beach, CA – April 23 to 26, with Networking Tour on April 22, “The Largest Advanced Transportation Technology & Clean Fleet Event.” (main page).  (News); Subscribe for Updates; (Get Brochure); (Agenda);(Agenda Track); (Exhibitors’ info.); Expo (April 24‑25).  Contact page.

TransportationCamp New England, Boston, MA – April 27, “… assemble planners, dreamers, programmers, students, and professionals for an exciting day of ‘un-conferencing.;’” (main page).  (series page), (essential guide).

2019 IEEE 89th Vehicular Technology Conference: VTC 2019-Spring, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – April 28 to May 1, “[The new] … innovative Industry Track … will feature panels and presentations with industry leaders sharing their perspectives on the latest technologies.” (main page).  Organizing Committees.

SAE CEU Course: High Voltage Vehicle Safety Systems and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Troy, MI – April 29, “High voltage vehicle safety is a primary concern for [anyone] involved in developing, diagnosing or repairing hybrid or electric vehicles.” (main page).  0.7 CEUs;  Instructor: Dr. Mark Quarto.
•  SAE CEU Course: Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Systems, Troy, MI – April 30 to May 2, “… three-day practical and applications-based course …” (main page).  2.0 CEUs;  Instructor: Dr. Mark Quarto.

SAE CEU Course: Introduction to Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Battery Systems, Troy, MI – April 30 to May 1, “… introduces [the role of batteries in] hybrid vehicles….” (main page).  1.3 CEUs;  Instructor: Erik Spek.
•  SAE CEU Course: Safe Handling of High Voltage Battery Systems, Troy, MI – May 2, “… battery systems show no visible or audible warning of any latent danger.” (main page).  0.7 CEUs;  Instructor: Erik Spek.

5th International Conference on Vehicle Technology and Intelligent Transportation Systems (VEHITS 2019), Heraklion, Crete, Greece – May 3 to 5, “…  innovative applications, tools and platforms …” (main page).  Colocated with SmartGreens 2019.  Call for Position Papers – works-in-progress and speculative ideas extended), (Submissions login), (Guidelines), (Template), (Glossary).  Contact page.

Montreal Electric Vehicle Show, Montréal, Qué:bec, Canada – May 3 to 5, “Three days opportunity to see, test, analyze and compare” (main page); Exhibitors – Reserve your booth; Contact page.

EV VÉ 2019 Conference and Trade Show, Québec City, Québec, Canada – May 6 to 9, “Focusing on all modes of ground electric transportation,… the most important and respected event in the EV industry in Canada.” (main page).  Ride & Drive, May 6, 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, with Press Conference and Media Ride 10:00 to 11:00 am; Exhibitor’s infoContact page.

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe, Stuttgart, Germany – May 7 to 9, “Europe’s largest and fastest-growing trade fair and conference for H/EV and advanced battery technology” (main page).  Colocated with next eventExhibitors’ infoContact page.

Battery Show Europe 2019, Stuttgart, Germany – May 7 to 9, “…unparalleled opportunity to source the latest design, production, and manufacturing solutions from across the battery supply chain…” (main page).  Colocated with previous eventExhibitors’ infoContact page.

2019 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference (ITEC) and EXPO Asia-Pacific, Jeju, Korea – May 8 to 10, “New Paradigm Shift, Sustainable E-Mobility” (main page)Call for Papers (Paper Submission due Mar. 27 re‑extended); Contact: E‑mail +82 (0) 64‑754‑3657.

TransportationCamp Florida, Miami, MA – May 9–10, “Sustainable Transportation: The Future is Now” (main page).  (series page), (essential guide).

Connected and Automated Vehicle Engineering 2019, Santa Clara, CA – May 15 to 16, “Where Auto Meets IoT – Enabling the Era of Electrified Automated Mobility on Demand” (main page); (agenda).  Colocated with “Internet of Things World” May 14 to 15Contact page.

TransportationCamp Baltimore, Baltimore, MD – May 18, “Share your session ideas and requests with the hashtag #TCBAL19.” (main page).  (series page), (essential guide).

International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition, Lyon, France – May 19 to 22, “Sustainable mobility is a core concern for all industrial players and public authorities.” (main page).

SAE CEU Course: Fundamentals of Powertrain Design for Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Shanghai, China – May 21 to 22, “… success will depend on engineering personnel knowing how to develop and manufacture HEV powertrains. …” (main page).  1.3 CEUs;  Instructor: Zhihui Duan.

Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo 2019, Stuttgart, Germany – May 21 to 23, “Discover brand-new ADAS technologies and partners!” (main page); (Free Exhibition Pass).
•  Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development Symposium Europe – “over 150 of the world’s leading experts in … autonomous vehicle research, testing, validation and development” (main page).
•  Autonomous Vehicle Interior Design & Technology Symposium Europe – “… Human-Machine Interface (HMI), … technological and passenger-protection implications, … passenger comfort and info‑tainment … .” (main page).
•  Autonomous Vehicle Software Symposium – “… dramatically reduce development timescales while boosting security and effectively tackling AI challenges and the decision-making processes.” (main page).
•  CONTACT: Andrew Boakes, Conference Director, +44 1306 743744, fax: +44 1306 742525.

This is only a partial list. Full list is at: click here to continue to complete blog …

This blog will be updated as time goes on.  Please check back every two weeks or so.

Spreadsheets showing all events ever presented here, and some that weren’t:
Spreadsheet for 2014 Events
Spreadsheet for 2015 Events
Spreadsheet for 2016 Events
Spreadsheet for 2017 Events
Spreadsheet for 2018 Events
Spreadsheet for 2019-2020 Events

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