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List of upcoming events (last updated September 24)

Jun 17, 2014

A list of upcoming events of interest to readers of EVWorld, including conferences, webinars, ride-and-drive events, and expositions. Also includes links to events and their sponsors.

Latest Update: 2017 September 24   06:59 EDT.

I am maintaining an ongoing list of upcoming events.  It is also available at www.PROACCTIVE.info#Group-U or an abridged version at www.LeviCar.com/#Upcoming – look at the middle and right-hand columns.  The mobile versions are at m.PROACCTIVE.com#Group-U and at m.LeviCar.com#Upcoming.

These events have to do with electric and alternative-fuel propulsion, as well as alternate guideway architectures, such as monorails, troughs, tubes, and suspended vehicles.  Also, a few events that discuss policy matters are also included.

The events include both those for professionals, such as conferences, lectures, and webinars; and also shows, expos, and tours for the popular audience.

At the bottom of the list are links to four spreadsheets containing all the information for all events, past, present, and future, that were ever published here, including some for which I haven’t had the chance to “code”.  If you missed something and is no longer shown on this page, it will still be in one of the spreadsheets, albeit in a less convenient format.

I have included a source link for most of these, that is, a link to the web page where I found them.  Not all events on these web pages get included in my list, so you might want to check these web pages yourself.

EVWorld’s Industrial Calendar: http://evworld.com/calendar.cfm
IEEE Transportation Electrification: http://tec.ieee.org/conferences-workshops
IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society: https://www.ieee-itss.org/
IEEE Vehicle Technology Society http://www.vtsociety.org/; (Conferences)
Society for Automotive Engineering
SAE’s Event Calendar: http://www.sae.org/events/.
Transportation Research Board (Recent Announcements)
TRB Calendar: http://www.trb.org/Calendar/Calendar.aspx.
Electric Mobility Canada
EMC Events: https://emc-mec.ca/event/.
The International Maglev Board
Conferences: http://www.maglevboard.net/en/the-conferences.
Plug In America: http://www.pluginamerica.org/
National Drive Electric Week: https://driveelectricweek.org/

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Here are the current and upcoming events:

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Vehicle Technology Conference (VTC) 2017-Fall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – September 24 to 27, “ … exchange ideas in the fields of wireless, mobile, and vehicular technology.;” (main page)Contact: Committees; Technical Program Committee.

Connected and Automated Vehicle Engineering 2017, Birmingham, UK – September 25 to 26, “Engineering for adoption of autonomy on the road;” (main page).  Contact page.

SAE 2017 Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Symposium, Kunshan City, Jiangsu, China – September 26 to 27, “ … development of technologies impacting intelligent and connected vehicles.” (main page)Contact page.

11th University Transportation Center (UTC) Spotlight Conference: Rebuilding and Retrofitting the Transportation Infrastructure, Washington, DC – September 26 to 27, “ … rebuilding and retrofitting transportation infrastructure for all modes … ” (main page); (summary page)Contact page.

Defense Innovation Technology Acceleration Challenges, Tampa, FL – October 3 to 5, “ Delivering Innovation to Our National Defense” (main page).  Colocated with next event.  Contact page.

SBIR/STTR Innovation Summit, Tampa, FL – October 3 to 5, “ Delivering Innovation – Accelerating Commercialization” (main page).  Colocated with previous event.  Contact page.

EV 2017, Bucharest, Romania – October 5 to 6, “Driving Towards a Sustainable Future” (main page)(Call for Papers).  Sponsored by AVER.

Volpe Webinar: Safer at Any Speed: CyberSafety for Connected Vehicles, Cambridge, MA – October 5, Joshua Corman of the Atlantic Council, (main page)Registration information (Mandatory free registration).  Series information.  Contact: Ellen Bell  617‑494‑2491.

30th International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition, Stuttgart, Germany – October 9 to 11, “ … industry meeting point for the entire electromobility industry … ” (main page)Contact page, E‑Mail +49 711 18560‑0; fax: +49 711 18560‑2440.

SAE 2017 From ADAS to Automated Driving, Columbus, Ohio – October 10 to 12, “ … efforts to move toward more Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) with the goal of fully automated driving.” (main page)Contact page.

ISSE 2017 (IEEE Symposium on Systems Engineering), Vienna, Austria – October 11 to 13, “ … multiple disciplines and specialty areas associated with the engineering of complex systems.” (main page)Contact page.

IEEE 20th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (IEEE ITSC 2017), Yokohama, Japan – October 16 to 19, “ … annual flagship conference of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society.” (main page).  Contact: E‑Mail.

SAE 2017 International Powertrain, Fuels & Lubricants Meeting, Beijing, China – October 16 to 19, Includes Hybrid and Electric Powertrains. (main page)Contact page.

Volpe Webinar: Intersection of Aviation-Related Automated and Intelligent Technologies, Cambridge, MA – October 17, Penn State’s Amy Pritchett (main page)Registration information (Mandatory free registration).  Series information.  Contact: Ellen Bell  617‑494‑2491.

Asian Conference on Energy, Power and Transportation Electrification (ACEPT), Singapore – October 24 to 26 (main page).  (Part of ACES, the Asia Clean Energy Summit); (Colocated with SIEW, the Singapore International Energy Week October 23 to 27)Contact page; E‑mail.

Volpe Webinar: Emerging Technologies in Personal Vehicles, Cambridge, MA – October 26, General Motor’s Harry M. Lightsey III (main page)Registration information (Mandatory free registration).  Series information.  Contact: Ellen Bell  617‑494‑2491.

24th ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) World Congress, Montréal, Québec, Canada – October 29 to November 2, “Next Generation Integrated Mobility” (main page), (alt. page).  Phone/fax: 202‑484‑4847.

Forum on the Impact of Vehicle Technologies and Automation on Users, Salt Lake City, UT – November 7 to 8, “ … impact of vehicle technologies and automation for drivers and other … users.” (main page); (Agenda).  Contact: Amanda Neely (407) 444‑7101.

Podcar City & Advanced Transit, Las Vegas, NV – November 8 to 10, “Smart City, Smart Transit, Smart Energy;” (main page).  Contact page.
• Student Design Contest: Urban International Design Contest (UIDC), May 15 through November 10, Final judging in Las Vegas, NV – “Best Practices for Automated Public Transport” (main page).  Presentation must be ready by Oct. 16.

5th FAV (Florida Automated Vehicles) Summit, Tampa, FL – November 14 to 15, “ … automated, connected, electric and shared (ACES) mobility. ” (main page); (Draft Agenda).  Contact page with Map; (Receive updates).

SAE 2017 Transmission and Driveline Symposium, Dearborn, MI – November 14 to 15, “ … the latest innovations of the design, manufacture, and operation of these systems … ” (main page).  Colocated with next event.  Contact page.

Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles Symposium, Dearborn, MI – November 14 to 15, “ … finding a suitable solution, alleviating drivers’ range anxiety is essential.” (main page).  Colocated with previous event. 

SAE/JSAE 2017 Small Engine Technology Conference & Exhibition, Jakarta, Indonesia – November 15 to 17 (main page).  Contact page.

LEVS – Light Electric Vehicle Summit, Rotterdam, Netherlands – November 22 to 23, “Micro-cars, tri & quadri-cycles; Infrastructure, State of the Art, R&D” (main page)Contact page; Contact: E‑mail +32 477 36 48 16.

Volpe Webinar: Aligning Innovation and Disruption in the Transportation Enterprise, Cambridge, MA – November 28, Terrafugia’s Carl Dietrich, Ph.D. (main page)Registration information (Mandatory free registration).  Series information.  Contact: Ellen Bell  617‑494‑2491.

Volpe Webinar: Transportation Economics, Cambridge, MA – December 5, Volpe Center’s Don Pickrell, Ph.D., Chief Economist (main page)Registration information (Mandatory free registration).  Series information.  Contact: Ellen Bell  617‑494‑2491.

Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC) 2017, Belfort, France – December 11 to 14, “ … … a forum for sharing knowledge, experience and creative ideas in vehicle power and propulsion.” (main page); (Special sessions).  Recent results (full papers due Oct. 30), (submissions page).

2017 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference (ITEC-India), Pune, India – December 13 to 15, “Electrical Vehicle Ecosystem – Resetting the Future of Mobility” (main page).  Contact: E‑mail 91‑44‑4215 2280; fax: 91‑44‑2441 1904.

Volpe Webinar: Demographic Changes and New Demands on the Transportation System, Cambridge, MA – December 14, MIT’s Joseph Coughlin, Ph.D. (main page)Registration information (Mandatory free registration).  Series information.  Contact: Ellen Bell  617‑494‑2491.

4th Conference of Transportation Research Group of India (CTRG), Mumbai, India – December 17 to 20, “ … a forum … to cover a wide spectrum of topics related to transportation of people and freight.” (main page).  Contact page; E‑mail; Conference secretariat.

Transportation Research Board 97th Annual Meeting, Washington, DC – January 7 to 11, “ … will cover all transportation modes … ” (main page)Contact page.

2018 SAE Connect2Car, Las Vegas, NV – January 9, “ … at the CES® (formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show).” (main link); (event page)Contact page.

EV Japan 10th EV & HEV Drive System Technology Expo, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan – January 17 to 19, “ … the must-attend event for automotive industry professionals.” (main page).  (Exhibitors’ info.)  Contact: E‑mail.

SAE 2018 Government/ Industry Meeting, Washington, DC – January 24 to 27, “ … discuss the effect of government action on future vehicle design.” (main page).  Overlaps with the Washington Auto ShowContact page.

Advanced Automotive & Industrial Battery Conference, Mainz, Germany – January 29 to February 1, “ … research and development … behind the next generation of electric vehicle batteries … ” (main page).  Series page.  Contact: E‑mail (781) 972‑5400, fax: (781) 972‑5425.

SAE 2018 Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium, San Diego-Mission Valley, CA – February 20 to 22, “ … current and forward-looking hybrid and electric vehicle technology … ” (main page); (Technical Program); (Exhibitors’ info.).  Contact page.

InterTraffic Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands – March 20 to 23, “ … world’s largest trade exhibition for … smart mobility … ” (main page); (Smart Mobility); (Six themes).

SAE 2018 World Congress Experience, Detroit, MI – April 10 to 12, “ … a full-sensory event experience that immerses you in the forefront of the automotive and mobility industries.” (main page); (alternate page).  (Exhibitors’ info.).   Contact page.

Montreal Electric Vehicle Show, Montréal, Québec, Canada – April 20 to 22, “Second edition of the Electric & Hybrid Show” (main page); Contact page.

The 12th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference (SYSCON 2018), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – April 23 to 26, “System-level thinking is essential … not only for technical systems, but also for society at large.” (main page).  Call for Papers (Extended Abstracts due Nov. 1), (Submissions page).  Contact page.

EV VÉ 2018 Conference and Trade Show, Ottowa, Ontario, Canada – April 24 to 27, “Integrated e-Mobility from coast to coast” (main page).  Ride & Drive; Exhibitor’s info.  Call for Papers (abstracts due Nov. 15).  Contact page.

Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, Long Beach, CA – April 30 to May 3, “The Largest Clean Fleet Event.” (main page).  (Exhibition info.Contact page.

Electric Vehicle & Technology Expo, Hanover, Germany – May 15 to 17, “Europe’s only free-to-attend exhibition for the electric & hybrid vehicle industry.” (main page) (Exhibitors’ info.).  Contact: E‑mail +44 1273 916 300.

Advanced Automotive & Industrial Battery Conference, San Diego, CA – June 4 to 7, “ … the need to develope batteries with better performance and lower cost has never been stronger.” (main page).  Call for Papers to be issued in Novermber.  Series page.  Contact: E‑mail (781) 972‑5400, fax: (781) 972‑5425.

Automotive Detroit 18, Novi, MI – June 6 to 7, “Auto Enters the Self-Learning Era: Deliver the Personalized Mobility Experience” (main page).  Contact page.

2018 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo (ITEC), Long Beach, CA – June 13 to 15, “ …aimed at helping the industry in the transition from conventional vehicles to advanced electrified vehicles.” (main page).  Call for Papers (Abstracts/Digests due Nov. 30).  Contact page.

IEEE Intelligent Vehicle Symposium (IV) 2018, Changshu, Suzhou, China – June 28 to July 1, “ … the latest advances in theory and technology related to intelligent vehicles.” (main page).  Proposals for invited sessions / workshops due Dec. 17; Call for Papers: Full Papers due Jan. 15; Email to here.  Contact: E‑mail.
• Chinese 10th Intelligent Vehicles Future Challenge (IVFC 2018), Changshu, Suzhou, China – at the Proving Ground – June 30 to July 1.

25th ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) World Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark – 2018 September 17 to 21, “ … revolutionary ITS solutions of tomorrow … ” (main page).

InnoTrans 2018, Berlin, Germany – 2018 September 18 to 21, “The Future of Mobility” (main page); (Exhibitors’ info.); (Fraud Warning).  Contact page.

This blog will be updated as time goes on.  Please check back every two weeks or so.

Spreadsheets showing all events ever presented here, and some that weren’t:
Spreadsheet for 2014 Events
Spreadsheet for 2015 Events
Spreadsheet for 2016 Events
Spreadsheet for 2017-8 Events

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