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List of upcoming events (last updated January 13)

Jun 17, 2014

A list of upcoming events of interest to readers of EVWorld, including conferences, webinars, ride-and-drive events, and expositions. Also includes links to events and their sponsors.

Latest Update: 2017 January 13   12:07 EST.

I am maintaining an ongoing list of upcoming events.  It is also available at www.PROACCTIVE.info#Group-U or an abridged version at www.LeviCar.com/#Upcoming – look at the middle and right-hand columns.  The mobile versions are at m.PROACCTIVE.com#Group-U and at m.LeviCar.com#Upcoming.

These events have to do with electric and alternative-fuel propulsion, as well as alternate guideway architectures, such as monorails, troughs, tubes, and suspended vehicles.  Also, a few events that discuss policy matters are also included.

The events include both those for professionals, such as conferences, lectures, and webinars; and also shows, expos, and tours for the popular audience.

At the bottom of the list are links to four spreadsheets containing all the information for all events, past, present, and future, that were ever published here, including some for which I haven’t had the chance to “code”.  If you missed something and is no longer shown on this page, it will still be in one of the spreadsheets, albeit in a less convenient format.

I have included a source link for most of these, that is, a link to the web page where I found them.  Not all events on these web pages get included in my list, so you might want to check these web pages yourself.

EVWorld’s Industrial Calendar: http://evworld.com/calendar.cfm
IEEE Transportation Electrification: http://tec.ieee.org/conferences-workshops
IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society: http://sites.ieee.org/itss/
IEEE Vehicle Technology Society http://www.vtsociety.org/; (Conferences)
Society for Automotive Engineering
SAE’s Event Calendar: http://www.sae.org/events/.
Transportation Research Board
TRB Calendar: http://www.trb.org/Calendar/Calendar.aspx.
Electric Mobility Canada
EMC Events: https://emc-mec.ca/event/.

Please bookmark these links.

Here are the current and upcoming events:

Symposium on International Automotive Technology 2017, Pune, India – January 18 to 21, “Smart, Safe & Sustainable Mobility” (main page)Contact: Anand Deshpande; alternate email; vox: +91-20-3023 1400; fax: +91-20-3023 1104; mobile: +91-9850826640.

SAE 2017 Government/ Industry Meeting, Washington, DC – January 25 to 27, “Understanding how technology, regulations and legislation affect the design of … vehicles … .” (main page)Contact page. Overlaps with the Washington Auto Show

Advanced Automotive & Industrial Battery Conference, Mainz, Germany – January 30 to February 2, “ … battery chemistry, engineering, design, and high-volume as well as industrial/specialty automotive applications.” (main page)Contact page; Contact: E-Mail (781) 972-5400; fax: (781) 972-5425. 

SAE 2017 Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium, San Diego-Mission Valley, CA – February 7 to 9, “ … current and forward-looking hybrid and electric vehicle technology … ” (main page)Contact page.

West Coast Rail Conference, Los Angeles, CA – Feb. 28 to Mar. 2, “ …21st Century Transportation for America” (main page).  Contact: EMail; 202-248-5001.

WCX17: SAE World Congress Experience, Detroit, MI – April 4 to 6, “ …  education, engagement, and enjoyment coalesce into an unforgettable experience.” (main page); (alternate page)Contact page.

International Congress on Transport Infrastructure and Systems, Rome, Italy – April 10 to 12, “Emerging technologies to enable smarter, greener and more efficient movement of people and goods around the world.” (main page).  Contact: Email.

3rd International Conference on Vehicle Technology and Intelligent Transport Systems, Porto, Portugal – April 22 to 24, Colocated with four other conferences.  (main page).  Call for Papers, Submissions page, Glossary Page.  Due dates: Workshop Proposals (Jan. 17); Position Papers (Jan. 24); Special-Sessions Papers (Feb. 2); Industrial-Panel Papers (Feb. 17) (new); Doctoral Consortium, and Open Communications (Feb. 21); Tutorials Proposals, Demo Proposals and Panel Proposals (Mar. 6). Contact page E-Mail +351 265 100 033; fax: +351 265 520 186.

11th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference, Montréal, Québec, Canada – April 24 to 27, “ …  interactions among communities of interest on system-level problems and applications.” (main page).  Contact page.

Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, Long Beach, CA – May 1 to 4 (Exhibition: May 2 & 3), “The Largest Clean Fleet Event.” (main page)(Contact Page); Call for Abstracts: due Feb. 3; (Exhibitors’ info.)

16th TRB National Transportation Planning Applications Conference, Raleigh, NC – May 14 to 18, “ … exchange of transportation planning techniques and methods … ” (main page).

EV VÉ 2017 Conference and Trade Show, Markham, Ontario, Canada – May 29 to June 1, “Smart e-Mobility” (main page)Contact page.

Vehicle Technology Conference (VTC) Spring 2017, Sydney, Australia – June 4 to 7, “Light Up Vehicular Innovation” (main page)Call for Papers: Recent Results (General) (due Jan. 3), Recent Results in 5G Innovation (due Jan. 3), Workshop Papers (due Jan. 15).  Committees.

  Fraudulent WASET conference was removed. 

IEEE Intelligent Vehicle Symposium (IV) 2017, Redondo Beach, CA – June 11 to 14, “ … new developments in theory and applications, vehicle technologies and demonstrations.” (main page) Full Papers (due Jan. 31 extended); Call for Papers, Link to Submissions pageContact page.

Advanced Automotive & Industrial Battery Conference, San Francisco, CA – June 19 to 22, “ … the need to develop batteries with better performance and lower cost has never been stronger.” (main page)Contact page; E-Mail (781) 972-5400; fax: (781) 972-5425. 

ITEC 2017 (International Transportation Electrification Conference), Chicago, IL – June 22 to 24, “ … from Technology to Business and Public Policy” (main page)Contact page.

15th ITS Asia-Pacific Forum & Exhibition, Hong Kong SAR, China – June 26 to 29, “Metropolitan Transportation Infrastructure In Smart Cities” (main page); (alternate page).  Call for Papers (abstracts due Jan. 31), (alternate page)Contact page; E-mail +85 2 8116 1062.

2017 IEEE International Conference on Vehicular Electronics and Safety, Vienna, Austria – June 27 to 29, “ … vehicle electronics and vehicle safety.” (main page).  Call for Papers (Full Papers due Feb. 15); (details).  Contact: E-Mail.

Automated Vehicles Symposium 2017, San Francisco, CA – July 11 to 13 with ancillary events on July 10 & 14, “Users.  Vehicles.  Infrastructure” (main page); (alternate page).  (Get updates). 

The 22nd International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory, Evanston, IL – July 24 to 26, “ …  all scientific aspects of transportation and traffic … ” (main page)

Urban Transport 2017, Rome, Italy – September 5 to 7, “Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment” (main page).  Call for Papers (please submits abstracts as soon as you can), Submissions form. Contact: Stephanie Everest 44 (0) 238 029 3223; fax: 44 (0) 238 029 2853.

30th International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition, Stuttgart, Germany – October 9 to 11, “ … industry meeting point for the entire electromobility industry … ” (main page).  Call for Papers (abstracts due Jan. 20), submissions pageContact page, E-Mail +49 711 18560-0; fax: +49 711 18560-2440.

SAE 2017 International Powertrain, Fuels & Lubricants Meeting, Beijing, China – October 16 to 19, Includes Hybrid and Electric Powertrains (main page).  Call for Papers (paper offers due Mar. 13), (submissions page).  Contact page.

24th ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) World Congress, Montréal, Québec, Canada – October 29 to November 2, “Next Generation Integrated Mobility” (main page), (alt. page) Call for Papers and Special Interest Session Proposals: (due Feb. 17).  Phone/fax: 202-484-4847.

25th ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) World Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark – 2018 September 17 to 21, “ … revolutionary ITS solutions of tomorrow … ” (main page).  Call for Demonstrations (due 2017 Mar. 15), (Submissions page).

This blog will be updated as time goes on.  Please check back later this weekend .

Spreadsheets showing all events ever presented here, and some that weren’t:
Spreadsheet for 2014 Events
Spreadsheet for 2015 Events
Spreadsheet for 2016 Events
Spreadsheet for 2017-8 Events

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