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Shifting EV World Gears

Oct 26, 2014

Judging by the lack of new news items, you'd think the staff - me - at EV World was on holiday ('vacation' to us Yanks) last week. We'll 'we' did take a break of sorts, but not from work. In fact, we're in the process of shifting gears: moving more towards manipulating molecules instead of just electrons.

In the previous edition of my blog, entitled Me, My E-Bike and my GoPro Camera, I shared a video that my younger brother and I shot a week ago today. It's a bicycle handlebar-view through the lens of a tiny GoPro camera of what we are hoping to develop, in collaboration with the Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau, as a 10-15 mile electric bicycle ride of discovery, centered on the city's downtown attractions and history.

I can't tell you how much fun it is to get away from behind this desk where I've spent the last 17 years writing about electric vehicles, and now having the opportunity to physically introduce people to it; in this case, in the form of electric bicycles, or as Pedego's Don DiConstanza likes to says, 'the gateway drug to electric cars.' Instead of again spending literally dozens of hours in my, admittedly very nice, comfortable home office, scouring the web for EV world-relevant stories to bring to reader's attention, I spent my week this way:

Of course, in the middle of all this publishing and start-up relevant news, my wife has decided it's time to update the bath off our bedroom, which meant trips with her to builder supply businesses to check out toilets, sinks, faucets and granite counter tops, as well as debate the merits of various shades of gray (the paint color, not the book).

Even though I felt I was being productive, I still feel this sense of guilt that I am not keeping you, the reader, updated on what's happening out there in the EV world: like Michigan's governor signing a bill that effectively seeks to ban the sale of Tesla Motor's electric cars in the state, for example.

And yet, to be perfectly honest with you, when I see that typically most of these stories are only viewed by a few hundred people, I start to think about better ways to utilize my time and yours. I've got some ideas along that line that I'll be evaluating over the next couple months. January 1, 2015 will make the 17th year since launching EV World. It's been a fascinating, if not entirely financially profitable, adventure. I won't be ceasing publication, but I will be shifting gears somewhat, especially if my e-commerce idea gains traction, starting with the electric bicycle tours. For a decade, I've wanted to expand EV World into a more bricks & mortar, bits as well as bytes, operation. ePEDALER and the proposed new social media site would be the first step in that direction.

So, stay tuned. The ride is about to get even more interesting.

Mockup of the ePEDAL ME social media website devoted to the growing community of electric bicycle owners and riders.

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