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Poll Finds 84% Plan to Buy Electric Car in Next 24 Months

Nov 03, 2014

Pundits worry that the drop in gasoline prices at the pump in America, now below $3 a gallon, will hurt electric car sales, but EV World readers appear unfazed and most are planning to buy an EV in the next 24 months.

If you read EV World, it's a pretty good bet you're interested in electric vehicles. If you take time to vote in our monthly reader ePOLL, I'd say the chances are even better that you're more than just curious or casually interested in the technology, and last month's poll would seem to confirm that supposition.

We asked EV World.com readers "Do you plan to acquire an electric car, either plug-in or all-electric anytime in the next two years?"

Of the 376 who took part in the poll, 84.13% (318) answered 'yes.' 7.41% (28) responded 'no' and 8.47% (32) indicated that they weren't sure.

While it wouldn't be advisable to apply these results across EV World's entire readership (our web statistics show we serve about 20-50,000 sessions a day), it certainly is suggestive of a trend, which we see in a broader context. Polls conducted in Britain , for example, see a marked increase in public interest in electric-drive technology from hybrids (19%) to hydrogen and pure electrics (11%).

Progressive incentives in Norway and even the American state of Georgia are spurring surprising growth in the percentage of electric cars on their respective roads. For example, more than 11% of car sales in Norway in September of this year were electric. In the first six months of 2014, one in every 60 new cars sold in the Peach State were electric . That's some 1.6% of all new car sales in the state. (See also: When Lawyers Go Electric).

And while some fret that the typically temporary drop in prices at the pump will hurt EV sales, the longer term picture - as suggested by the responses to our October poll - would indicate that people are thinking longer term when they indicate overwhelmingly that they plan (and hopefully that's just more than wishful thinking on their part) to buy (or lease) an electric car in the next 24 months.

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