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Coming full circle?...

Oct 07, 2015

Closing the loop?


Rented, leased, shared, chauffeured, auto-piloted or owner-driven (in case ownership is more persistent than forecasters want us to believe), how we go from A to B still matters. With its sleek profile this one can potentially auto-pilot itself, carrying three comfortably (take note of its long wheelbase), in a way that a Tesla simply can't. The less surface area a vehicle has, the better the feel for the vehicle's outer dimensions and the less fender bender prone. Let's call this "traffic ergonomics" - a term that was brought up in a conversation with someone at Carnegie Mellon University, Google's stomping ground with regard to robotics. The average occupancy rate of cabs and ride services is 1.2 person. The three-seat capacity (one driver and two passengers) of the vehicle you see depicted here, will suffice most of the time. If it will be self-driving, all three seats can be paying passengers seats.

What started out with an APP, may come full circle when a new APPliance-like transportation mode is inserted into the process of moving people. For more details, click on NEXT down below. Of course, other ‘players’ (than TNCs) may also step up to the plate...

Ralph Panhuyzen,

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