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A Temporary Information Hiatus

Oct 21, 2015

EV World's publisher and 'chief bottle washer' just bought a new home, well not new, new, but newer and it needs a lot of TLC...

As a regular reader of EV World, you may have come to expect to find new content on the website in the form of news, commentaries, and interviews almost daily and certainly weekly. And besides this website, there's our social media - Twitter, Facebook, etc. - postings, along with a weekly email newsletter. It's time consuming but also our passion for almost 18 years now: telling the story of the people, the policies, and the products of our evermore electric vehicle world. We've done this from the same wonderful location for close to two decades. Now, we're taking a short break from that routine.

Two significant events are taking place. The first occurred yesterday when my wife and I took possession of a seven year-old ranch-style home across town. The second is the submission of our grant proposal to the State of Nebraska's Department of Economic Development (NeDED) to help fund the development of our prototype Q•pod.

We decided to buy the new house in preparation for the eventuality of having to look after one or both of my aging parents, who are in mid-to-late 80s. Our current home, a 70s-era tri-level isn't conducive to properly and safely caring for them. This new place will make it more practical. But before we can move in, there's a lot of work that needs to be done. The previous tenants, relatives of the previous owner were heavy smokers... very heavy smokers. The nicotine and other chemical by-products of their habit have saturated the walls and ceilings to the point where you can discern the studs and rafters where the oils accumulated, along with a lot of dust; I mean a LOT of dust. Besides smoking, they apparently didn't know what a duster was or how to use a vacuum cleaner. Fortunately, apart from a broken door jam into the master bedroom, the house is in fairly good shape, other than the equally filthy, stained carpet, which I spent the afternoon tearing out, along with the padding. We are having all the duct work throughly cleaned and de-sanitized next week, after which the painter will come in and give the whole thing a couple fresh coats of paint. After that, new engineered hardwood flooring and carpeting will be installed. Hopefully, we can complete the job and move in by mid-November.

In the meantime, we also hope to get a favorable review by NeDED that will enable us to begin the process of developing our first Quikbyke Q•pod electric bicycle rental kiosk based on a 20 ft shipping container. Our mission is to get more of us driving cars less and riding bikes more by introducing many more people to the delight of riding an e-Bike. NeDED offers a 2:1 matching grant that will enable us to leverage private equity, raised from five investors, including my wife and I, up to a maximum working budget of $75,000US. That's enough to build a working, if barebones, prototype to test the concept. Hopefully, we'll hear if we've been awarded the grant by the end of the month.

The net result is some very exciting times are in store for us, but we clearly aren't going to have the bandwidth to keep up the level of content generation we have over the last 17 years, at least temporarily. And there's a bright side to this for me personally: I won't be stuck for hours on end at this desk. That alone could extend my life a few more months or years!

Oh yes, the new home is next to a wonderful bike trail system, a significant portion of which surrounds the nearby Walnut Creek Reservoir where you can already see quite a few cyclists. I hope I can join them soon.

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