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Mar 26, 2016

The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur sits down just three days ago with U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, who is running to be the Democratic Party candidate for President of the United States, and asks him some very pointed questions about his campaign, especially the virtual media blackout on his rallies.

Yesterday, I drove down to Lincoln to pick up one of our newly arrived LG Nano 310W solar panels, six of which are going to power our Quikbyke Qiosk, a sort of electric bicycle rental shop-in-a-box, in this case a converted 20ft shipping container.

Parked across from the entrance to Dixon Power Systems was a little gray Honda Insight nearly identical to the one I used to own for a decade, but this particular car was festooned with at least a dozen bumper stickers, one opposing the TransCanada XL pipeline, another supporting Bernie Sanders. From the tenor of the stickers, it was clear the owner was a 'rabid treehugger.' Inside the shop, I asked Holly, the owner's wife, who the car belonged to. She said it was one of their part-time employees, who was out on a solar installation job with Jon, her husband.

Referring to the Insight owner, "He thinks he's in heaven", Holly said. "He sees this as his perfect job, but we don't have enough projects to keep him employed full time."

Scattered around the shop were not only my stack of panels and our backup batteries, but also small windturbine motors. In the entry to the Dixon's office is a Bergey windturbine. The company works on both. In my case, they're putting together our solar energy system that will charge our electric bicycles.

I mention this as an introduction to Cenk Uygur's interview with Senator Sanders. Uygur is the host of The Young Turks, a 'rebel' television program aired every Friday on the Internet. TYT takes a no-holds-barred view of current events, unlike what is increasingly referred to as America's "corporate media," the monopoly of radio and television networks and cable channels, which are themselves owned by just a handful of insanely (and I mean that in all its senses) wealthy individuals. Since this is my blog, I make no apologies for using it to advance a progressive (yes, LIBERAL) agenda, which includes advocating for cleaner energy and greener vehicles, the goal of which is to see that all God's creatures, especially our fellow brothers and sisters on this shining little gem in space, have the opportunity to live fulfilling lives, one not always mired in poverty, desperation, and hopelessness; one where that Honda Insight owner can work full time at something he clearly loves. And to be perfectly honest with you, I see only one person currently running for the Presidency of these United States who seems to share my values: Bernie Sanders.

So, since its obvious that the same "corporate media" is determined to either (1) denigrate the man and his message, or (2) simply try to ignore him, I thought it only just and fair to share Cenk's 33-minute discussion with the Senator. Please listen, you'll learn a lot.

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