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'iPhone anniversary' - Is there a lesson to be learned?

Jan 11, 2017

This week Steve Jobs’ legendary Apple product was introduced 10 years ago. To say that it proved to be a game-changing, new 'product format' in the telecom/internet business is an understatement. Personal transportation needs a revolutionary, 'wanna-have device' too that is sleek, versatile, flexible and tool-like to use - particularly if it is supposed to benefit from self-driving technology. How would Jobs have introduced an "iPhone On Wheels"?

The trick of course is to avoid the notion of having a small car. People don't particularly like to drive a smaller version of something more substantial. The vehicle discussed in my blogs is meant to fill the gaping void, that is being overlooked by the industry, by presenting a Best of Both worlds - the safety and comfort of a car AND the flexibility and economy of a motor scooter. With its three-passenger capacity you might see it as some sort of hybrid auto-mobile, (click>) a sidecar motor scooter with the third seating position fully integrated in the hull.

Coming full circle with a new APPliance-like transportation mode
But there is more... People have been fantasizing of Flying Cars for ages

Ralph Panhuyzen,

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