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Tesla model 3 is here and changes EVerything

Jul 31, 2017

The new $35K 220 miles on a charge Tesla model 3 is now being made and delivered. This is more than just a new Electric car. read and see why.


The new Tesla model 3 is now being made in California and had the opening reveal on July 28th 2017 just as promised. The battery pack is coming from the new Tesla Gigafactory in Sparks Nevada. Elon Much got the very first one with VIN 001. About 10,000 Employee's are getting the first production units now rolling off the line.

It took a lot of things to get this far. Tesla is the first new US car company in over 50 years. Just to do that was amazing. Tesla built the biggest factory in the world, the GigaFactory just to make batteries. EVeryone said it was impossible yet Tesla did it. They also made it very efficient , found ways to produce twice the amount of batteries they had predicted and have it all powered by Renewable Energy.

EVery new Tesla mode 3 as well as S and X is equipped for Auto Pilot and future Self driving level 5 that will require no driver. This is also a first. The software to run this will cost more but if you want it the hardware is already there. This is way ahead of the competiotion.

Tesla also has the only Super Charging Network in the world. It's twice as fast as any other so called Fast Charging. They are doubling the locations and number of charging ports to make way for the model 3. This is also world leading and far ahead of any other company.

Oh while doing all of this they also make home battery packs and Solar panels. You can have a home the has the longest lasting roof and can make power. This is also a first in the world. Others are showing they can do a similar option but Tesla Energy is leading the way.

Tesla is also working on a model Y cross over SUV, a Semi Truck that is 100% Electric and many other items and vehicles. As they grow and get up to speed we have a lot more options that no else offers. They have made going Green a very cool thing to do.

There is a lot more to come. Just watch to learn all about it. They are building an EV World.

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