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Automakers all going Electric

Oct 09, 2017

many automakers have announced they are going electric

In 2017 many Automakers have said they are going electric. In early October both GM and FORD said they are transitioning to Electrics. In September Volvo said they are going electric. EVen holdouts like Toyota and Mazda have announced they are working on Electric cars.

Will this time be for real ?

Do you think any of them will add a Nationwide Charging Network like Tesla already has? Will we still have free charging at many locations if the number of cars grows ?

With this many vehicles will the battery reseach start paying off ?

Will Solid state and Super Capacitors finally hit mainstream ?

Chrysler makes the 1st Plugin Hybrid Van in the Pacifica. Who will make the 1st all electric like the old Dodge TEVan they had in the 90's ?

Will Super Fast charging IE 50 kW+ come out to meet the demand like the 100+ kW that Tesla has?

Will others offer the lifetime battery warranty like Hyundai on their Electrics ?

Will more Utilities offer very low Electric vehicle charging rates at night Off Peak?

Which company will be the last to offer at least a Hybrid ? Will China get ahead of the USA with their new Electrics ?

The next 5-10 years will really be exciting ! Plugin and hand on ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~D=

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