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Tesla Charges ahead with the Roadster II

Nov 22, 2017

the surprise showing of the Roadster II has Tesla charging ahead

TESLA shows off the new Roadster II

Just like the 1st Tesla Roadster the second version is generating a lot of talk and interest. It's going to be the fastest and longest range electric vehicle in the EV world. In fact it will be the best of any car ever made. The top speed will also be over 200 miles per hour.

In fact among super cars which it will be the cost is super low. Many of the top gas cars in the Super Car area are well over $1 million dollars. So at only $200 to 250K it's a bargain. That is if your in that class of vehicles.

Some question why Tesla would make that type of vehicle now when many of us are waiting for our Tesla Model 3. Well it seems that may help our vehicle to get the attention and money they need to get production up to the full 5,000 a month Elon predicted. They also have a lot of designers and pre production people they need to keep active on new projects since the pencils down on the model 3 was quit a while ago. So it's not like they took people off the assembly line to work on the new Semi truck or Roadster II.

They also have a lot of people working on the new Mega Chargers and model Y among many other advanced ideas. It's a very exciting time to be watching Electric Vehicle and the transition to sustainable transportation. What do you think they will come up with next ?

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