EV World Aeroworker Blogs made into a Book (available at Amazon)

Dec 19, 2017

A synopsis of the process of turning 12 years of blogging at EV World into book along with the inclusion of four feature article. The book "Driving on the Moon" and other musings has been posted at Amazon and is available in paperback and a Kindle version costing $12.95 and $7.95 respectively. It is my first published book, hopefully there will be more.

It took us three months to take twelve years of my blogs posted at EV World and collate them into a 284 page book titled “Driving on the Moon” and other musings. Our book is available at Amazon for $12.95 in paperback and for $7.95 in the Kindle edition. The links are listed below for the paperback and Kindle versions of the book.

Our project started in early September, 2017 when my daughter Cari Vaughn who is an author got in touch with me and said we should make my blogs into a book. She did not think the book would be very big because there were only 15 blogs, she said. I informed her there were over 90 blogs at EV World and four feature articles. Since my wife and I were planning a trip to Oklahoma in early October, 2017 we decided we could have the material loaded on a USB Flash Drive to hand deliver to her in Missouri at that time.

First we decided on the title which was from a blog I really liked “Driving on the Moon”. Then I loaded the blogs over a period of three or four days on to two different USB Drives (one for us and one for her) which was not that difficult. We located the four feature articles and loaded them also. Then in a preliminary step of proofing I went through all the blogs and articles and fixed as many spelling and syntax errors as I could find. I was definitely chagrinned to find so many errors and wished I had taken more care in publishing the blogs in the first place.

Next I had to write a Forward, and an Acknowledgement section for the book. We had to gather references for a section at the end of the book. Phil Knox agreed to coauthor the book with me and provided me with his references for inclusion also. Lastly we had to decide on a Table of Contents. In working on the proofing I discerned that the topics fell naturally into sixteen different general topics which we could label as chapters. We discarded a couple of the less worthy blogs ending up with a total of 89 blogs and the four feature articles placed at the end of the book in Chapter 16.

During our visit with Cari and our grandchildren in Missouri on October 7th, 2017 Cari helped us design the front and back book cover. I had been casting around for science fiction poster art that showed a vehicle driving on the Moon but astonishingly enough I could not find any. I did find a “Forbidden Planet” movie poster that showed the ground transport vehicle with Robbie the Robot driving it, and thought to myself this is good enough even though it isn’t on the Moon, it will be recognizable to almost anyone.

Then the real work began. Cari collated all the material we had provided her into an electronic file book form to submit to the publishers Create Space to work up two proofs for us to go over. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an actual bound paperback book in the mail. This was for the final proof work we needed to do. For this I needed new eyes, and since my wife Lana Gilkison had done work on producing books for a professor at OU in the 1980’s who better to do this final proof work. It took my wife over a week to read through and proof the entire book. Cari did punctuation work form her end after we sent her the proof 2 file. After two or three days of work on her end she submitted the final proof file for publishing.

It took a couple days for the Create Space folks to approve the work for publishing and to post it on Amazon on December 18th, 2017. Today they put the Kindle version up on Amazon. We ourselves do not have final copies yet, but hopefully we will in a week or so, as we have ordered five copies. The week before Christmas is not exactly a good time to rely on speedy shipping of practically anything at all.

We are excited however; our first book is out there in the world, for good or otherwise. Now that we know the process we can self-publish my next book Tikopia IV in 2018. While it is already half written it needs a lot of work. I have to do some major rewriting on the first half of the book and write the last half of the story. I started this book several years ago, so some of the ideas in it are out of date, and in need of revision. With all the Near Term Human Extinction material that has become available in the last few years I now have my ending which I did not have when I stopped writing on the book a few years ago.

We hope you will consider buying “Driving on the Moon” at Amazon and read it even if you have read some of my blogs at EV World over the last twelve years. All of my blogs that are worth your while to read (in our opinion) are in one place along with our four feature articles. We think you will find them much more readable with all the proof work that has been done. In looking over the twelve years of blogging we think you see a coherent theme although it may be more nebulous in my early blogs. We hope you will enjoy “Driving on the Moon” and other musings as much as we did bringing it into the world for you.

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