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GREEN Vehicles and Power for St Patrick's day and all days

Mar 18, 2018

Can we really have green,renewable,safe, smart,efficient vehicles and power ? Here's a good example. The rest is up to you.

GREEN Vehicles and power for St Patrick's Day and ALL days

Is 2018 the year we are finally seeing a lot of truly GREEN Vehicles? Can any large 2 ton vehicle really be GREEN? Is a bicycle GREENER than a car? What happens when we get Billions of GREEN Electric vehicles all on the road?

I feel it’s a matter of more than just the vehicle. It’s the fuel made from Renewable sources. It’s the vehicle and fuel being used in an efficient way to accomplish a real task. Let’s start with the bicycle. If you ride just for fun and not to really complete a task like going to the store is it really efficient? If you ride unsafe and don’t obey the rules of the road is that a good thing? The same would go for a car or truck. If you get a nice clean GREEN Tesla model X and just drive around for no reason with just one person that seems very wasteful.

Now if each of those vehicles was used to drive to accomplish something worthwhile that would be good. With the Tesla if you had 4 or more people car pooling someplace that would be very good. So as you can see it more than just the vehicle.

When you charge up a Clean efficient electric vehicle at a location like the Kettleman Super Charger that is all covered with Solar the ride is even more GREEN. Why don’t all Electric Vehicle makers have locations like that? Let’s push for all locations to be like this one. It’s up to you to use your vehicle properly and safely to do real tasks.

Kettleman City, CA Supercharger

Bernard Drive27675 Bernard DriveKettleman City, CA 93239

Driving DirectionsRoadside Assistance (877) 798-3752


40 Superchargers, available 24/7, up to 120kW /2 Destination Level 2 Chargers



24H Tesla Customer Lounge

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