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Driving my dream car

Apr 30, 2018

I love efficient affordable vehicles. That is why I ride my bicycle most of the time. But when I have to go further than 40 miles or have things and people to move I use the most efficient Electric vehicle.

Driving my Dream car

We have a 2012 Tesla model S 85 and a new 2018 Tesla model 3 Long Range . They are both amazing vehicles and for long distance travel they can't be beat. But my favorite vehicle for family and friend is the lowest cost most efficient and reliable electric vehicle. That is my 2015 Chevy SPARK EV. It was voted a best buy for 5 year strait. It gets about 6-7 miles per kWh even with the Air Conditioning on. I can go 80-100 miles all the time. It has a 120/240 J-1772 charging port. It also has the optional CCS D C Fast charge port.

Since it meets 99% of my needs it's the perfect car for me and many people. A very valuable feature is that is has LIQUID COOLING known as Thermal Battery Management. That makes the battery last the life of the car with almost no battery degradation. I owned 2 others brands for testing purposes and both failed. One was a 2011 Nissan LEAF and later a 2013. Both had severe battery capacity loss. Then I tried a 2015 KIA SOUL EV. It seemed ok for a year or so but then dropped 30 miles of range over night. It would take an extra 2 to 3 hours to try and charge to 100%. I reported it and KIA tested and replace the battery pack and BMS. Many others all over the US also had the On Board Charger fail. We even had the controller over heat twice and shut down the car in traffic with no warning. I reported this to the Nation Highway Traffic Safety.

The Tesla are great but you pay for the extra range and Super Charging. It's too bad the Chevy SPARK EV stopped production in the 2016 model when the Bolt at $40K came out. So I buy used SPARK EVs at $7-10K. They are still very reliable. Almost all Chevy dealers can get parts and repair them if needed. It's about a forth the cost of a Tesla and is twice as efficient. It's my dream car.

So what is your dream car and why do you like it or own it?

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