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Jul 23, 2018

How much of a positive impact have some of these ALTERNATE FUEL options made

When I see a car with Flex Fuel on it's rear end I just can't imagine they have done anything for the environment or to same money. The CNG buses and trucks I see are also a very sad example. They just swap one fossil fuel for another. They are not more efficient or cleaner.

But what about Hybrids? Some of the smaller and mid sized are more efficient. Many even run in the Atkins mode which is cleaner and leaner. But they still have Oil changes and gas tanks. They even reduce brake wear by 5x less which makes less brake dust. So they are better but just part way.

Yet what about those Hydrogen vehicles. They just use clean Hydrogen and produce water vapor. Yet when we add up the energy and way that Hydrogen is made it's not so great. It's just a energy carrier and not great at that. You have to pump the storage tanks up to 100 PSI or greater to have any range and H2 stations cost millions to build and keep in fuel.

That leaves electric vehicles. With liquid cooled batteries that only last 20+ years. Then80% of them charge Off Peak at night instead of dumping the excess energy from the GRID they use it instead of Oil/gas/diesel. The GRID is also getting cleaner every Sunny day now that Wind and Solar cost less than any fuel. In FACT the same batteries that power the cars are being added at homes and utilities from Australia to Hawaii and even in your home area right now. They make even a partially fossil fueled GRID cleaner and more efficient. It's a double win for everyone.

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