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Your MPGe is your IQ

Aug 07, 2018

People are lazy and dumb.

I think your MPGe is your IQ.

Most people are very dumb. They drive gas cars that get 20-30 MPG. A few drive Hybrids that get 40-60 MPGe. Yet a few drive what they thought were CLEAN DIESELS that get 30-40 MPG.


A gas car is only 20% or less efficient.

Gas cars made deadly air pollution, CO2,CO,SO2 and more.

A gallon of gas weighs about 6 lbs and makes 20 lbs of pollution.

A gas car needs a big inefficient transmission.

A gas car engine has over 2,000 moving, wearing parts that need lubricartion.

A gas car can move an inch without a battery and Electric motor.

A diesel is just as bad as a gas car.

A Natural Gas car is just as bad and is a gas car.


An electric car gets over 100 MPGe , the smaller the more efficinet.

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