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What's next for Electric Vehicles

Oct 09, 2018

Technology changes fast. What do you think is next for vehicles?

The Technology in today's World is changing very fast. We have new batteries each year. We also have great ideas that can make your car pay for itself. I think the nexus of the two will be Vehicle To GRID. It can back up your home. It can cover Peak Time of day hours, It could even let you go Off GRID.

The University Of Delaware has been doing V2G for many years. They use the ACPropulsion electric MINI-E and xBox vehicles. They even have a local Utility Tariff to cover the exchange of power. What they haven't had is a standard. Now that is coming as soon as 2019. see

New Solid State batteries will make them last forever and hold 4 times more energy per Kilogram. That will change EVerything. It will start in wireless cell phone and Ipad type devices and even electric bikes and smaller vehicles.

What do you think will be NEXT and when will it happen to make an EV World ?

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