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This is why I drive White Electric cars

Dec 13, 2018

Why does the color of your car matter? Why do we have great Electric cars with Battery Thermal Management and terrible electric cars with no battery Thermal Management?

I live in a HOT area like most of the Southern USA. We don't get any SNOW or ICE. We have plenty of Sunshine for Solar in all it forms. I also only own and drive WHITE cars. Here is why.

QUOTE= from Why airplanes are usually white. = The main reason for snow white planes? Thermal science. MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics professor R. John Hansman told Business Insider that the color best reflects sunlight, which keeps the cabin of the craft cool (kind of like how long white clothing is your best bet in the desert). Shielding the plane's plastic parts (usually the nose cone) and composite materials from the sun is especially important. White paint also lets potentially dangerous solar radiation bounce right off. Think of white paint like airplane sunblock.

I also think it helps keep our battery and controller a little cooler. That can make a Lithium battery pack last forever or without it they turn into a BRICK, paper weight.

So BASIC STEM Science is always a good thing to know and use.

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