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Seeking Alpha Marketplace Roundtable Panel

Dec 28, 2018

Seeking Alpha just set up a Marketplace Roundtable Panel to discuss the direction of the Tech sector in which I participated to answer four questions. In my last two answers I specifically take up the issue of electrification in the global automotive industry and the crucial role that Tesla is likely to play in 2019 in this disrupting trend.

Seeking Alpha, ranked in November 2018 seventh in the world and fifth in the U.S. in the top websites for News And Media - Business News (See:, just set up a Marketplace Roundtable Panel to tackle the direction of the Tech sector (See:, a key pillar of support for the stock market. I was invited to participate in it, together with other 15 Premium authors, to answer the following questions:

Seeking Alpha: The air came out of FAANG (Facebook-Apple-Amazon-Netflix-Google) a little in the second half of the year especially, though again only Facebook is down on a total return basis. Has the story changed for these market leaders?

Juan Carlos Zuleta: I beg to differ - I am instead of the opinion that the second half of the year and in particular the last three months of 2018 was bad for FAANG because all of reasons that triggered the fall of their stocks occurred beginning July. Here I am talking about Facebook's scandal over data privacy; Amazon's Q3 earnings report; Apple's legal battle with Qualcomm (QCOM); Netflix's drop in subscriber growth due to competition; and Google's European fine over security flaws.

SA: What's the biggest story in tech this year as far as you are concerned?

Juan Carlos Zuleta: Apart from Facebook's shares fall over data privacy since July, the biggest story in tech this year was the lawsuit battle between Apple and Qualcomm that brought about a victory for Qualcomm after courts in China and Germany ordered to ban imports, sales and offers for sale of various Apple iPhone models in China.

SA: What are you preparing for in 2019? What big themes matter?

Juan Carlos Zuleta: In 2019 I am preparing for more news on electrification of the global automotive industry with China consolidating its leadership and North America surpassing Europe in the second place, which is altogether likely to exert much more pressure over the energy lithium value chain.

SA: What is one of your best ideas for 2019, and what is the story?

Juan Carlos Zuleta: Tesla is certainly my best bet for 2019 because despite all the problems it faced throughout the year, it demonstrated its shareholders its strength to preserve the value of the company. In this connection, we have to be vigilant as to how and when it proceeds to start assembling EVs in China and launching its long-awaited more affordable Model 3 in the U.S. and elsewhere.

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