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The Safest car made

May 01, 2019

Who makes the safest car? Are any cars really safe?

Tesla Model S Is The Safest Car In The World

The Model S achieved the best safety rating of any car in history as it is a lifesaver for drivers. In its testing, the machine used was broken. That’s how tough the Tesla car is!

It was found out that you actually have to put at least four additional fully loaded Model S on top of the first in order for you to see some denting in the roof. This strength stems from a solid structure and rigidity from its amazing engineering.

The Article below is from CNBC.

The Tesla Model 3 has earned a perfect five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

This means all of Tesla’s production vehicles have received a perfect rating from the agency. Both the larger Tesla Model S sedan and the Model X sport utility vehicle have received five-star ratings from the agency as well.

The Model 3 electric sedan has received some high safety ratings from other groups as well. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the car a “superior” rating in its front crash prevention test.

The car has been widely praised overall, though it had garnered criticism at different points in its brief history. The widely respected group Consumer Reports had at first held back on recommending the car, saying the vehicle had a stopping distance that fell far short of its peers and was more comparable to that of a full-size pickup truck. Tesla fixed the issue with a software update and Consumer Reports finally did recommend the vehicle.

Tesla also has been criticized for its Autopilot driver assistance system, which has been involved in several high-profile crashes. The NHTSA has opened investigations into some of these incidents

BUT is any car really safe? from Bloomberg

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