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24 Aug 2014 - Maybe it's the times in which we're living, but for some seemingly inexplicable reason a solar-powered, human-electric hybrid trike called the ELF seems to have caught the imagination of the public and the media. Here's the man behind Organic Transit and a most improbable electric vehicle.


The electric version doesn't stand a chance in the quarter mile against high-powered gas cars, but in the city, where the first five meters count most... well, watch and see.

Steve Stollman

Steve Stollman


For over 150 years of the industrial revolution, bigger has always been better, but in the 21st century figuring out how to downscale will be the most daunting challenge mankind will face.


How the Motor Car Saved the City

Eric Morris essay chronicles how the invention of the automobile in the late 1890s spared the world's growing cities from drowning in a tsunami of horse manure and urine.


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Formula E Racing to Showcase Qualcomm HALO Wireless Charging
Four BMW i-Series electric cars, which will be used as safety vehicles, have been fitted with FIA approved magnetic inductive receivers that enable plug-less recharging of the car's batteries.
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Electric Mountain Bikes Present Opportunities and Challenges for IMBA
Panel convened by International Mountain Bicycling Association discusses the implications of the introduction of electric mountain bikes and how to get in front of the issues they present.
Total Page Views: 17

GM Wants to Put 19,000 of R&D Employees on Bicycles
The Zagster-operated bike share system on GM's Warren Research Campus will offer employees who sign up an alternative to walking, driving or using a shuttle bus system.
Total Page Views: 10

E-Bikes the Center of Attraction at Eurobike Show in Germany
Showgoers to the 23rd annual Eurobike are able to test ride a plethora of electric city and cargo bikes, electric trikes, as well as even an electric unicycle.
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Are Fuel Cell Cars Really for Real?
Interview withUniversity of California, Davis professor of environmental science at the Joan Ogden on the future of fuel cell cars.
Total Page Views: 105

Low-Voltage Method Found to Produce Hydrogen Without Noble Metals
Stanford Chemisty professor Hongjie Dai develops a nickel-metal/nickel-oxide catalyst that can split water into hydrogen and oxygen gases at just 1.5 volts.
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Volvo to Launch Offer Electric Hybrid Option on New XC90 Crossover SUV
A new 390bhp plug-in hybrid powertrain combines the 2.0-litre petrol engine and an electric motor and offers CO2 emissions of just 60g/km.
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Consumer Report: Ford C-Max Energi Electric Hybrid Impresses
Consumer Reports is favorably impressed by the electric hybrid version of the C-Max hybrid with its 18-miles of EV-mode driving range.
Total Page Views: 79

Consumer Reports: New Highlander Hybrid Not Worth Extra Cost
While CR was favorably impressed by the Toyota Highlander Hybrids drivability and towing capacity, it doesn't feel the $48,555 base price worth the small fuel savings.
Total Page Views: 46

Great Barrier Reef Test Drive of Audi's A3 Sportback e-tron
Matt Campbell rates the electric hybrid version of the A3 Sportback as an 8-out-of-10 after test driving the e-tron-powered model on a runway at Great Barrier Reef Airport.
Total Page Views: 57

Audi to Upgrade to 48 Volt Electrical System
48V lithium-ion battery operates in conjunction with a new, efficiency-optimized alternator that qualifies the drivetrain as a mild hybrid that offers the equivalent of 62.1 mpg.
Total Page Views: 162

A123 Recharging with Cash Infusion and Micro-Hybrid Battery
After being acquired by Wanxiang, the company has shifted focus from large electric car batteries to small, low-voltage, light-weight lithium batteries for micro-hybrids.
Total Page Views: 64

BYD Sees Improved Electric Car Sales in First Half of 2014
In the first six months of of 2014, BYD sold approximately 7,600 electric and plug-in hybrids.
Total Page Views: 58

BYD Profits Salvaged Somewhat by 11% Increase in Electric Car Sales
While revenue was up 4% year-over-year, net profits fell 15.5% with its ICE-age car unit dropping 27%. Electric car sales, however, were up 11%
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Audi A3 Sportback e-tron Priced in Australia Starting at $60,000AUD
Grant Edwards extolls the virtues of the new electric hybrid A3 that despite weighing 300kg more than non-electric model, delivers better all-around performance.
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No Price Increase on 2015 Chevrolet Volt Electric Hybrid
$34,995 base price includes an $825 destination charge, and the Volt qualifies for full $7,500 federal tax credit.
Total Page Views: 269

Five Most Frequents Asked Questions About Electric Cars
Alexander MacLennan goes back to the basics for people new to the concept of operating an electric car.
Total Page Views: 237

In the Competition Between Batteries and Fuel Cells, Tesla Trumps Toyota
Part 3 of Joe Romm's series comparing battery electric car technology to hydrogen fuel cells.
Total Page Views: 359

Who'll Introduce a 200-Mile, $30K Electric Car First? GM or Tesla?
In the race to introduce an 'affordable', $30,000USD electric car with a range of 200-miles, GM is betting it can out compete Tesla.
Total Page Views: 422

Tesla, BMW Now the Center of Electric Car 'Buzz'
BrandChannel contends that while the LEAF and Volt continue to be sales leaders, they are 'losing to BMW and Tesla in the more subjective arena of popular appeal.'
Total Page Views: 657

Germany v. England: A Tale of Two Electric Car Markets
While Germans have proven slow to adopt, their counterparts in Britain are beginning to become 'intrigued' by the possibilities of electric cars.
Total Page Views: 248

In Amsterdam, Smart Electric Cars Emerging as Icon
Dutch city famed for its canals, cycling and 'coffee shops', is working towardxs developing a electric carshare culture based on the smart fortwo ED.
Total Page Views: 324

BAIC, Foxconn Launch Electric Car Rental Services
Henyu will launch a pilot service in Beijing with Hangzhou and Jiangsu province planning to have 5,000 to 10,000 pure electric cars for rental within a year.
Total Page Views: 196

Report Reviews Growth of China's Low-Speed Micro EV
In 2013, China produced 4.72 million three-wheeled electric vehicles and 302,000 low-speed micro electric vehicles
Total Page Views: 206

Critical Strategic Decisions Ahead for Carmakers, Says New Report
IDTechEx report sees the big carmakers having to decide how they are going to react to the growing market for microEVs like the Renault Twizy and electric rickshaws.
Total Page Views: 234

Will A Growing Electric Car Fleet 'Kill' the Power Grid?
Jason Hall recounts policy and technology developments that will minimize the impact of a growing fleet of electric and plug-in hybrids on the power grid.
Total Page Views: 254

Ford 'Green Zone' Technology Promises Improved Hybrid Car Efficiency
Green Zone system utilizes GPS by switching from hybrid to electric-only mode in urban zones that are increasingly restricting ICE-age vehicle operation.
Total Page Views: 315

Electric Cars: Really Less Energy Efficient Than ICE-age Cars?
Writing in The Street, Andreas Spiro contends that an electric car is less energy efficient than a comparable gasoline-engine model.
Total Page Views: 476

The Smarter Cars Get, The More Electric Car Buyers Need to Know
Iain Dooley discovers that in the case of high-tech cars like the Tesla Model S, dealerships are going to have spend more time explaining how to get the most from the car.
Total Page Views: 308


Advances in Fuel Cells and Batteries Bringing Emission-Free Vehicles Closer
E&E reporter Julia Pyper sees progress in the development of batteries and hydrogen fuel cells as vying to unseat 'the gasoline engine as the propulsion system of choice.'
Total Page Views: 423

UBS Forecasting Obsolescence of Centralized Fossil Fuel Power Plants
Swiss investment bank UBS report sees a three pronged assault from solar power, battery technology, and electric vehicles that will render obsolete traditional power generation.
Total Page Views: 319

Public 'Swerve' On Global Warming Taking Place in America
The attitude of Americans is 'swerving', a term author Robert Jay Lifton borrows to describe a 'major historical change in consciousness that is neither predictable nor orderly.'
Total Page Views: 459

Siemens, Pipistrel to Debut All-Electric Flight Trainer
Two-place WATTsUP is powered by 85kW e-motor and 17kWh lithium-ion battery, giving it a flight endurance of 1 hour with 30-minutes flight reserve.
Total Page Views: 829

India's Hero Cycles Acquires Germany's Largest Bicycle Maker
Mitteldeutsche Fahrradwerke AG (Mifa) not only is Germany's largest bicycle maker, it also produces a variety of electric-assist bicycles.
Total Page Views: 323

Electric Bicycle Sales Booming in Europe: Here's Why
Daniel McMahon highlights the growing trend of electric bicycle adoption in Europe.
Total Page Views: 312

Electric Bicycles: The Future of Urban Transportation?
New Zealander John McCrone sees what he calls a 'global surge' in electric bicycle use, especially as an alternative to cars
Total Page Views: 285

Tehran Wants 400,000 Electric Motorcycles, 120,000 Hybrid Taxis on Its Streets
Iran is a global leader in the push for CNG vehicles; now it is looking to help combat its serious air pollution problems in Tehran by looking to introduce tens of thousands of electric motorbikes and hybrid taxi cabs.
Total Page Views: 257

The Electric Cars of Ireland
Bob Flavin offers a review of the electric cars now available in Ireland that include manufacturers like Nissan, Renault, BMW, Peugeot and Mitsubishi.
Total Page Views: 362

Ten Tips to Make Electric Cars Even More Engaging
Matt Saunders likes electric cars, but he thinks there's still room for improvement that doesn't involve making them cheaper, increasing their range or shortening their recharge time; the usual complains.
Total Page Views: 311

Advice to Firefighters When Dealing with Electric Cars
Alex Langbell provides a series of training bullet points tips for firefighters when dealing with potential hybrid and electric car crashes.
Total Page Views: 278

Indianapolis, Utility Commission Reach Compromise on Rate Hike to Fund EV Charging Stations
Indianapolis Power & Light Co. will now charge an average cost per month per average household of 28 cents rather than 44 cents as part of effort to raise $16 million to fund BlueIndy electric carshare charging infrastructure.
Total Page Views: 321

Jeremy Cato Urges Ontario, Quebec to Pull Plug On EV Incentives
"When middle class people buying $20,000 Civics are subsidizing rich people buying $113,300 Porsches, something is very wrong," writes Jeremy Cato.
Total Page Views: 267

Estimating the EPA Range of Hybrids, Electric Cars a Complicated Process
"The process of evaluating an electric vehicle to accurately estimate its efficiency and driving range is not as simple as it may seem" writes Luke Ottaway.
Total Page Views: 293

Mitsubishi Debuts Commercial Version of Outlander Electric Hybrid SUV
UK business buyers will qualify for £7381 grant on the £36,905 list price of the Outlander PHEV GX3h 4Work, reducing the cost to £29,524 ($49,000USD).
Total Page Views: 367

Scottish City Considers Expanding Successful Electric Carshare Club
The city of Dundee, in Scotland, would expanding the current programme that has 500 members.
Total Page Views: 637

How York, England Is Rebelling Against the Reign of King Diesel
'Electragirl' finds the city founded by the Romans in 71 CE is introducing electric vehicles from cars to buses and the supporting charging infrastructure.
Total Page Views: 363

Six Tips on Electric Car Charging Etiquette
Six things to remember when charging an electric charge that will make it a more pleasant, less confrontational experience for everyone.
Total Page Views: 372

Duncan Aviation Installs Five Electric Car Charging Stations
Lincoln, Nebraska-based Duncan Aviation has installed five new charging stations at its Lincoln Airport facility.
Total Page Views: 479

Key to Electric Car Success: Roaming for Charging Stations
10,000-regret-free miles later, Nissan LEAF owner Janko Roettgers suggests that what's needed is the electric car charging station equivalent of cellular telephone network roaming.
Total Page Views: 950

Electric Car Technology Advancing
Former Oklahoma corporation commissioner Jim Roth offers a generally positive assessment of the future of electric cars.
Total Page Views: 515

LG Chem to Supply Batteries for Audi Electric and Micro Hybrids
In addition to providing the cells for the Chevrolet Volt, LG Chem also supplies cells for 19 other customers. The details of the Audi agreement were not announced.
Total Page Views: 937

Elon Musk Thinks Tesla GigaFactory Will Produce $100/kWh Batteries Within 10 Years
Tesla's prediction of a 30% price drop in battery costs once the GigaFactory is up and running appears to be conservative, reports Daniel Sparks.
Total Page Views: 562

Sakti3 Announces Scalable 1000Wh/L Solid-State Battery
This translates into nearly double the range for electric cars, allowing the Tesla Model S to drive 480 miles on a charge instead of current 250+.
Total Page Views: 1021

100-Mile Battery Is Electric Car Sweetspot, Economically Speaking
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Senior R&D Staff researcher Zhenhong Lin has determined that based on current battery kWh prices, electric cars with ranges of less than 100 miles are far more cost effective to buy and a far more logical financial decision compared to larger battery, longer range vehicles.
Total Page Views: 448

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