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15 Nov 2014 - Known as the Sioux, the Lakota of America's Great Plains have fought fiercely for their rights, especially when it endangered their wellbeing, first Red Cloud's War and the Lakota War of the 19th century, then the siege of Wounded Knee in 1973. Now they see the authorization of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline as an 'act of war against our people.'


Richard Hatfield and the Lightning Motorcycle appear on Jay Leno's Garage and Jay takes it for test ride in the hills outside of Los Angeles. Lightning delivered their first production bike to their first customer.


Bill Moore

Bill Moore


Pundits worry that the drop in gasoline prices at the pump in America, now below $3 a gallon, will hurt electric car sales, but EV World readers appear unfazed and most are planning to buy an EV in the next 24 months.

Bill Moore

Bill Moore


Judging by the lack of new news items, you'd think the staff - me - at EV World was on holiday ('vacation' to us Yanks) last week. We'll 'we' did take a break of sorts, but not from work. In fact, we're in the process of shifting gears: moving more towards manipulating molecules instead of just electrons.

Jim Stack

Jim Stack


OIL, ISIS, pollution, long term outlook,sustainable


How the Motor Car Saved the City

Eric Morris essay chronicles how the invention of the automobile in the late 1890s spared the world's growing cities from drowning in a tsunami of horse manure and urine.


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Wooden Wonder: Matthias Broda Develops Electric Bicycle from Ash
Crafted from Ash wood, the German-produced electric bicycle carries a hefty price tag of £3,000 in Britain.
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PayMeOn to Acquire E-Bike Maker Prodeco Technologies
Currently a minority owner, PayMeOn, Inc. will issus some 53.4 million common shares to acquire remaining 80.6% of ProdecoTech, a leading USA electric bicycle manufacturer.
Total Page Views: 18

GoPET Electric Scooter: Productivity Improver
Three-wheeled, standup electric scooter can also haul a trailer with a 300 lbs (136kg) cargo capacity, making it ideal for warehouse work, as well as shift management.
Total Page Views: 26

Yamaha Taiwan to Launch e-Vino Electric Scooter Next Month
Powered by a new 50V lithium-ion battery, the e-Vino electric scooter has a range of up to 30km
Total Page Views: 30

BMW MINI Brand Gets Its Own Electric Kickscooter
The MINI Citysurfer Concept uses a gearless rear hub motor to propel the rider up to a top speed of 25 km/h (15 mph) for 10-15 miles; additionally it folds to fit inside the luggage compartment of the new MINI 3-door.
Total Page Views: 335

2016 Volt to Offer Greater EV-Mode Range, More Convenient Home Charging
20% increase in battery storage capacity will allow many Volt drivers to go 1000 miles between gasoline fill-ups, while new charging capability can mean savings in utility costs.
Total Page Views: 108


Mitsubishi Unveils XR-PHEV Concept at 2014 LA Auto Show
XR-PHEV crossover SUV concept is powered by 134 hp, 3-cylinder turbo engine and 14kWh lithium battery pack.
Total Page Views: 453

New Mexico Utility Converting Fleet to Electric Hybrids
Public Service Co. of New Mexico announces that it will shift most of its 450 vehicle fleet to plug-in hybrids.
Total Page Views: 111

DHL Exploring Shift to Electric Delivery Vehicles in Malaysia
Global package delivery service would look to source electric vehicles from local sources to reduce the environmental footprint of importation.
Total Page Views: 105

John Podesta: Electric Vehicles Help Drive Climate Action
Counselor to the President John Podesta takes a spin in plug-in hybrid bucket truck to underscore the role electric vehicles can play in reducing climate-changing emissions.
Total Page Views: 100

BMW i3 Honored as '2015 Green Car of Year'
Green Car Journal chose the i3 'because it is an electric vehicle and has a range-extending engine critical to avoid range anxiety.'
Total Page Views: 110

Audi Reveals A7 h-tron quattro Fuel Cell Concept Car
Similar to the VW Golf SportWagen HyMotion, the Audi A7 h-tron concept has a driving range on compressed hydrogen of 310 miles.
Total Page Views: 107

VW Unveils Hydrogen Fuel Cell SportWagen at LA Auto Show
Golf SportWagen HyMotion prototype offers range of 310 miles on compressed hydrogen. Refilling time takes estimated 3 minutes.
Total Page Views: 97

Multiple Fuel Cell Cars Debut 2014 LA Auto Show
Jim Motavalli reports from the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show during which several fuel cell production and concept vehicles debuted.
Total Page Views: 107

Electric and Hydrogen Cars Vie for Future Supremacy
The battle between hydrogen and battery electric vehicles is just now getting underway with neither having an undisputed advantage over the other.
Total Page Views: 130

Bolivia, France Pen Agreements on Lithium, Nuclear Energy and More
Multiple letters of intent include one to help Bolivia commercialize its lithium carbonate resources along the full value chain.
Total Page Views: 100

The Looming Shortage of the 'Forgotten' Lithium
While there is a surplus of lithium carbonate in the world, contends the author, there is far less lithium hydroxide used as the active element in lithium-ion battery cathodes, with Tesla and China's demand creating a coming shortage.
Total Page Views: 136

Sewage: Fuel of the Future
Part two of three-part article on hydrogen as a 'future fuel' - technically an energy carrier - that looks at the capture and conversion of sewage methane into hydrogen gas.
Total Page Views: 133

Link Seen Between Air Pollution and Childhood Obesity
Study started in 1992 in southern California looked at possible correlation between the combined effects on body mass index of exposure to both near-roadway air pollution and tobacco smoke.
Total Page Views: 86

GM Offers Teaser View of 2016 Chevrolet Volt at L.A. Auto Show
While Los Angeles-area Volt owners got a full view of the next generation, the media were treated to a teaser view of the front grill and fender, revealing a more aggressive styling then current Volt.
Total Page Views: 379


3D Printed Streetscooter Targeted to Sell for Under €10,000
Founded in Germany in 2010, StreetScooter is a new breed of short range automobile the goal of which is to offer realistic performance, safety and sustainability that rivals current ICE-age models.
Total Page Views: 419

GM Serious About Electric Vehicles
General Motor's Hal Lenox addresses Colorado group, emphasizing that despite past decisions, it currently leads the market in total electric-drive vehicles on US roads.
Total Page Views: 218

Sales of Hybrids, Electric Cars in Hawai'i Remain Strong
According to Hawaii Automobile Dealers Association a total of 2,878 electric and hybrid cars were sold in first nine months of 2014.
Total Page Views: 143

BMW Looking for Ways to Spark i3 Electric Car Sales in Germany
Germany sources report that after 9 months, dealers there have only sold half the i3's they were expected to sell.
Total Page Views: 197

Ford's Mark Field: We Plan to Produce Affordable Electric Vehicles
Rumors to the contrary, Ford is not interested in buying Tesla, but instead plans to capitalize on its current second place ranking in sales of of EVs.
Total Page Views: 274

Apples V. Oranges? Comparing Tesla Model S and BMW i3
Writing in Green Car Reports, David Noland reports on his comparative test drives of the BMW i3 and the Tesla Model S, a $42k electric against a $70K model and concludes the latter is a more efficient machine.
Total Page Views: 176

Victoria Cab Drivers Speak Out About Their Hybrids
Victoria, BC cab drivers were some of the first to buy and operate Toyota Priuses as taxis, now 98% of Blue Bird Taxis are hybrids.
Total Page Views: 168

Edmunds: What to Expect in the 2016 Chevrolet Volt Electric Hybrid
Here's what Edmunds expects to see when second generation Chevrolet Volt in introduced at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
Total Page Views: 248

2015 Chevy Volt Picked As KBB 'Best Buy'
Kelley Blue Book compares the Volt with the Nissan LEAF, Toyota Prius PHV, and the BMW i3.
Total Page Views: 214

Will the Universe's Most Abundant Molecule Prove to Be Fuel of the Future?
First in a three part series on hydrogen as the 'future fuel' and the challenges it presents as a replacement for fossil fuels.
Total Page Views: 218

Hydrogen Cars Ready to Join Electric Models in Showrooms
If you live in southern California, it won't be much longer and you'll be seeing some of the first hydrogen fuel cell cars to go on sale at selected dealerships.
Total Page Views: 377

Toyota to Lease Mirai Fuel Cell Sedan for $499
The hydrogen fuel cell car also will be available for purchase for under $45,000 after state and federal incentives.
Total Page Views: 293


Electric Bicycle Innovations Helping Propel Global Bike Market
The number of older people riding bicycles across the world is increasing, assisted by the advent of electric assist bicycles.
Total Page Views: 260

HRH Prince Charles Pays Surprise Visit to UK E-Bike Shop
HRH Prince Charles stops Cyclelife Electric Wessex of Bridport Road, Poundbury, England, which sells Raleigh and Haibike electric bicycles.
Total Page Views: 285

Meet the World's Smallest Folding Electric Scooter
The Impossible folding electric scooter can transport a 180 lbs (max.) rider up to 15 miles at a top speed of 12 mph.
Total Page Views: 264

TechCrunch Reviews New Boosted Boards Electric Skateteboards
Early Kickstarter success story shipped its first electric skateboard Spring 2014 and is now upping its game with more models with improved performance and lower prices.
Total Page Views: 214

E.T. Scooter Offers Fold-Away Electric Mobility
E.T. folding electric scooter is said to offer range up to 35km at 55 km/h and a range. It weighs 30 kg (66 lbs) and can fold up in 5 seconds.
Total Page Views: 226

A 2014 Reddot Design Winner Is EQUS Electric Cargo Scooter
Remote steering design and rearward rider seating opens up deck for hauling wide variety of bulky items for urban dwellers.
Total Page Views: 211

Michigan Company Unveils Fido Electric Scooter
Fido Electric Scooter has top speed of 45 mph and estimated operating range on single charge of 40 miles, with operating costs calculated to be less an 1¢/mile.
Total Page Views: 276

Mahindra Aims to Expand Peugeot Scooter Brand Into Developing Markets
Indian company has offered 51% stake in French scooter maker with plans to increase its presence outside of Europe.
Total Page Views: 176

KTM Promises More Electric Motorcycles Coming
In addition to the three new models on display in Milan, company officials are saying that more e-cycles are coming as the KTM is 'betting big on electric mobility.'
Total Page Views: 268

Lightning Motorcycles Delivers Electric Superbike to First Customer
Troy Helming became Lightning Motorcycles' first customer. The LS218 is the first electric motorcycle to win the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, beating all its competitors, including the best gas superbikes.
Total Page Views: 207


Toyota Ties Itself Ever Closer to Its Fuel Cell Fate
Dale Buss asks what are the realistic prospects for hydrogen fuel cell cars, noting that 'the requirements for making hydrogen filling stations ubiquitous are greater than for populating the country with EV chargers.'
Total Page Views: 521

Honda's Next Generation Fuel Cell Car Delayed to Late 2016
The newest fuel cell concept seats five and is powered by a stack that is 33 percent smaller than the FCX Clarity, yet offers 60% greater power density, with a range of 300 miles.
Total Page Views: 269

Toyota Said to See Mirai Fuel Cell Sedan as Prius Successor
Toyota reportedly aims to make the Mirai fuel cell sedan one of the core vehicles in its product lineup, making it available to wider range of buyers.
Total Page Views: 202

RUMORED: BMW i5 to Have Toyota Fuel Cell Drive
BMW said to be working with Toyota in order to remain competitive with both Audi and Mercedes, the later which already leases its own fuel cell sedan.
Total Page Views: 209

Toyota TS040 Wins Fifth Race in 2014 FIA World Endurance Championship
Win by 1000 horsepower TS040 Hybrid extends its lead over Audi to 40 points.
Total Page Views: 188

Porsche 919 Hybrids Take Podium Positions for First Time
Two 919 Hybrids placed second and third in FIA World Endurance Championship in Bahrain.
Total Page Views: 204

Jaguar Stealthly Moves Ahead with Electric Model Development
Transport Evolved learns that the British company filed to trademark 'EV-type' nameplate.
Total Page Views: 215

Wisconsin Considers $50 Fee for Electric, Hybrid Cars
Washington, Colorado, Nebraska, Virginia and North Carolina have fees for electric vehicles.
Total Page Views: 233

What It Took for Nevada to Get Tesla's GigaFactory
Dylan Tweney digs into the deal that allowed Nevada to win the competition with three other states to get the gigawatt factory.
Total Page Views: 244

Electric Vehicles to Play Major Role in Middle East Cities, Says Renault
Renault is the first automotive company to launch a 100% electric car in the UAE in the form of the Twizy urban runabout.
Total Page Views: 273

US Air Force Deploys DOE's First All-Electric Vehicle Fleet
Deployed at Los Angeles Air Force Base in California, the 42-vehicle fleet includes Nissan LEAF electric sedans, trucks and a 12-passenger van.
Total Page Views: 210


Georgia Car Dealerships File to Prevent Tesla Sales
A judge will rule on Tesla’s request to throw out the Georgia Automobile Dealers Association petition on Dec. 5. The company wants the 150 car annual sales limit removed.
Total Page Views: 269

Did This Michigan Politician Support Tesla Ban Due to Wife's Lobbying Firm?
Sally Painter delves into the murky politics of Michigan that has just banned Tesla Motors for doing business - period - in the state.
Total Page Views: 284

Dan Spark's 5 'Must-Know' Facts About Tesla Motors
Tesla product and its shares have been a winner for owners of both, but there is still risk built into the company, especially if it can't expertly execute its Gigafactory, writes Sparks.
Total Page Views: 349

TEST DRIVE: Tesla's Model S P85 is No Joke
Seth - Living Green Guy - Leitman conclude after driving the performance version that no one should kid themselves 'about how great this car is and what it means for the automobile industry, oil and the economy.'
Total Page Views: 399

Kia Soul EV: The Electric Car For People Who Didn't Think They'd Want One
Ann Job shares her impressions of Kia's new all-electric, $34,500 Soul EV, which launches first in California and in more states next year
Total Page Views: 351

North Carolina Researchers Developing More Accurate EV Battery Range Display
North Carolina State University is working on software to improve the accuracy of electric car driving range displays with the current version estimated at 30% more accurate than current offerings.
Total Page Views: 338

Regardless What You Drive, the Taxman Will Find You
Rhonda Wheeler runs the numbers and concludes that, financially, you're probably no better off driving electric than a gasoline car, and maybe worse off, depending on what fees the government might impose.
Total Page Views: 264

How This Canadian Family Debated Buying An Electric Car
Dianne Nice at the Globe and Mail recounts the internal struggle that took place within her family as they consider buying an electric car.
Total Page Views: 264

Cato Critiques Canadian EV Conference
Resident Canadian pragmatist Jeremy Cato offers his usual dour perspective on the EV2014VÉ Conference & Trade Show in Vancouver.
Total Page Views: 271

7 Things You Need to Know About Electric Cars
Mother Earth contributing editor John Rockhold enumerates the basics on electric car ownership in seven bullet points.
Total Page Views: 345

BMW Reportedly Prepping Launch of Plug-In Version of 2-Series
The 2 Series Active Tourer, which is rumored will be equipped with a 102hp electric motor powering the rear-axle exclusively, will debut in 2015.
Total Page Views: 300

Uganda's Kiira Motors Developing Africa's First Hybrid-Electric Car
The Kiira EV SMACK is an improved version of the Kiira EV car, first unveiled by President Yoweri Museveni in 2011 in Kampala.
Total Page Views: 852

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