Panama Run Debrief

By Bill Moore

Half-hour-plus video debrief with Tesla Model S owner Randy Denmon on his and Dean Lewis' historic drive the length of Mexico and Central America from the Texas border to the Panama Canal.

We usually don't follow up so closely on a story on which we've already reported, but in the case of Panama Run, we decided to make an exception. We originally interviewed Tesla Model S owner Randy Denmon and his co-adventurer Dean Lewis when they were about two-thirds of their way through their groundbreaking drive from McAllen, Texas to the Panama Canal. They had already accumulated more than 2,000 miles across some of the the worst roads in the Western Hemisphere, often scraping bottom across countless speed bumps, topping 10,000 and 11,000-feet mountain passes, plugging in anywhere they could beg, borrow or barter a charge

The pair arrived in Panama City, Panama some 18 days after starting their trip from McAllen. Arranging to have their electric car shipped back to Houston, Texas, they flew home, arriving in time for an unusual ice storm that hit their native Louisiana.

Randy graciously took time to 'debrief' EV World on the trip and the lessons learned from the warm public interest in the car to its amazing ruggedness to the more worrisome challenges of the trip, especially finding adequate places to charge.

The interview is divided into two roughly equal segments, each around 15+ minutes in length. Thanks to Randy and Dean for making the trip and Marcus and Mike for giving EV World the heads up.

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

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Originally published: 17 Feb 2014


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