VARTA Jumps On Electric Bicycle Wave

By Bill Moore

VARTA Microbattery's Eric Lind sits down with EV World's Bill Moore and talks batteries and e-bikes at the 2014 Interbike show in Las Vegas, as well as the German company's collaboration with Swedish electric motor maker Höganäs to create an integrated propulsion system for European bicycle makers.

If you wear a hearing aid or know someone that does, chances are pretty good the battery powering it was made by VARTA Microbattery. So, it would seem a quite natural step for the German company to expand into what is becoming one of the fastest growing new markets for batteries: electric bicycles.

That's why the company was at Interbike 2014 in Las Vegas last month. They, along with Swedish motor maker Höganäs, were showing off their collaboration on a e-bike propulsion system that integrates VARTA's battery technology with the Höganäs hub motor. The photo of the young woman above shows the results of that partnership: the electric bike battery is by VARTA Microbattery, the motor by Höganäs.

In the midst of the organized bedlam that is your typical trade show, our publisher, Bill Moore, had the chance to sit down with VARTA Microbattery's Eric Lind, the National Sales Manager for the OEM market. We talk about VARTA and why they decided to jump on board the e-bike wave now surging across Europe and anticipated to hit the North American market, Lind guesses, in five years time.

Note that due to background crowd noise, we decided to cut Bill's audio segments and replace his questions with written text cutaways. We trust you'll find this approach a bit less annoying.


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Originally published: 12 Oct 2014


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