Eco Limo Goes 'Lectric

By Bill Moore

EV World Dialogue video interview with Eco Limo's Alan Hayes about the Canadian firm's shift from using hybrids to introducing - one month ago - a Tesla Model S 85 electric 'black car,' the first in Ontario.

For more than two decades Canadian Alan Hayes fixed cars and managed automotive repair shops. When he 'retired,' he decided to go into the private limousine business, operating out of his home north of Toronto in the province of Ontario.

Starting with a Toyota Prius, he eventually moved up the luxury line to the Camry Hybrid and then the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, which turned out to be his most popular vehicle with his customers, largely because of the Lincoln badge. It is what he's driven ever since, that is until last month when he took the leap from the Lincoln to 'Lectric Limo,' buying his first Tesla Model S 85.

His company, Eco Limo of Aurora, Ontario, provides 'black car' limousine services, mainly for local business people going to and from Toronto Pearson International Airport, which means he's busy early in the morning and later in the evening. EV World's Bill Moore caught him relaxing at home between runs. Since he's one of the first limousine operators to introduce the Model S into hired car service, we wanted to find out why he decided to make the switch from hybrid to all-electric, one that meant paying twice as much for the car.

The Skype video interview is just under 25-minutes and is of remarkably good quality, so we hope you'll enjoy it in its entirety.


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Originally published: 26 Mar 2015


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