KLD Won't Let It Rain On Its E-Scooter Parade

By Bill Moore

KLD marketing director Amir Mirabi takes EV World behind the scenes of KLD's new electric scooter division, Austin Electric Power Sports. Now if only we could get him to lean just a little left.

There's really no mystery behind the name of KLD's new Austin Electric Power Sports ATX 8080. The A is for Austin and TX for Texas. It's the 8080 that's more intriguing. It represents the top speed in kilometers per hour and range of the admittedly Honda Ruckus look-alike.

If the KLD Energy Technologies name 'kinda' rings a bell with you, it's because the company periodically surfaces on the EV World newswire, the earliest reference starting back in 2009, when the company announced it was building a motor assembly plant in Vietnam. Over the last six years, it's worked on various international EV projects, including a low-speed electric service truck.

Now the company has created a new business unit to manufacture its own scooter, the ATX 8080 and its launched a Kickstarter campaign this month with a $100,000 funding goal, which runs until August 1st. Among its many pledge incentives, is its 'Super Early Bird Special' that gets you one of the first ATX 8080s for $5,250US, a "crazy" 25% savings over the production MSRP of $6,995US. The company initially plans to manufacturer 500 units at its facility in Austin.

The fact that it closely resembles the gas-powered Honda Ruckus is no accident, Mirabi explains. AEPS wanted to tap into the market for Ruckus aftermarket add-on parts and accessories. Clearly, it aims to appeal more to the off-road crowd than Vespa-attracted urbanites.

The video is some 30-minutes in length and divided into two sections. It likely has nothing to do with Amir's previous employer, former Texas governor Rick Perry, but he kept leaning further and further right as the interview progressed. We stopped the interview and asked him to move left, which he does in part two, but again, he gradually kept sliding right. Either it's something that happens to Texans or he just wanted to have the focus be on the ATX 8080 positioned behind him. If so, it's the mark of a true PR professional.

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

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Originally published: 08 Jul 2015


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