The Coming E-Bike Age

By Bill Moore

Falco eMotor founder and CEO Rakesh Dhawan brings EV World up-to-date on developments at his electric bicycle motor company, the first to introduce both a 5-phase hub motor and liquid-cooled model.

It's been some two years since we last talked with Falco eMotor founder and CEO Rakesh Dhawan. His Dulles, Virginia-based company engineers and manufactures electric hub motors and their associated systems: batteries, digital displays, etc.. As an e-bike technology supplier he see's his company being on the leading edge of a transformation in personal mobility, one that though it may be a decade away before reaching its full-blown potential is, nonetheless, inevitable; and one in which his smart motors will increasingly play an important part.

"We want to be the best electric bike motor in the world," he states in this three-part Skype video interview. "That's our mission." Now to get there, Dhawan, who worked on the original Wavecrest Labs engineering team for motor on the Tidal Force M750, is exploring various distribution channels including offering their own e-bikes as well as conversion kits that can be adapted to more conventional pedal bikes.

Eventually, he sees the company gradually withdrawing from the retail channels and focusing instead on their core component business.

"The business model has allowed us to learn a lot of things. it has allowed us to learn about consumers… We have had a lot to learn from dealers… manufacturers"

In this 3-part interview Dhawan goes into some detail on the technology of his firm's motors, which range from 500-1,500 watts or the equivalent of from 2/3 hp to 2 hp. If you're seriously into e-bike engineering, you'll enjoy his remarks. If all this discussion of 3-phase versus 5-phase or geared versus mid-motor versus direct drive leaves a bit befuddled, you'll still find his comments about the growth of the e-bike market and the industry in general of interest.

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

Video Part 3

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Originally published: 05 Nov 2015


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