Video screen capture of purported prototype Apple iCar
Video screen capture of purported prototype Apple iCar

Is This Apple's Future iCar?

By Bill Moore

Between Motor Trend's vision of what Apple's iCar might look like and, more importantly, how it may function; and a purported spy video of a prototype, we're starting to see the future of motoring in the 21st Century.

First off. There is no independent verification at this point that the short, 35-second video below purported to show an early prototype Apple iCar is, in fact, legitimate. Computer CGI now can create very real looking environments. The soon-to-open theatrical film retelling of "The Jungle Book" is just such an example. It was shot entirely on a green screen sound stage, yet pulls you into an incredibly realistic-looking world.

However, what adds credence to its veracity is the panel of design and technology experts that Motor Trend assembled recently to discuss what the car might look like and, more importantly, how it is likely to function. Interestingly, their illustration and model bears a remarkable resemblance to the car in the alleged spy video.

While critics have been quick to pan the design of the car seen in the test track video, the panel notes that what the exterior looks like may not be as important as what the car does for you once you're inside, and here the car, in the form of Siri, takes on a personality of its own; including becoming a personalized life coach. (But will it tell you to get out of the car and take Quikbyke instead?)

Two immediate points of agreement stand out. First the car will be electric: no question. Second: it will have some form of autonomous driving capability. Beyond that, what it does and how it does it is left up to the imagination.

The panel discussion below is just shy of half-an-hour in length and well worth viewing in its entirety. It'll give you a glimpse of what car designers and technologies see happening in the space of personal transportation.

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Originally published: 15 Apr 2016


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