2017 Chevrolet Bolt has already won major automotive awards.
2017 Chevrolet Bolt has already won major automotive awards.

My First Dozen Days with My Chevy Bolt

By Bill Moore

Meet Josh Rizzo, one of the first owners of the Chevrolet Bolt all-electric car, who talks with EV World's Bill Moore about the first mass production 200-mile range EV.

Josh Rizzo isn't a newcomer to driving electric. He's leased a Ford Fusion Energi electric (plug-in) hybrid and a Chevrolet Spark EV. His wife drives a Toyota RAV4 EV. In fact they have, not one, but two, EVSE's on the side of their southern California home. EVSE is the acronym for electric vehicle service equipment, i.e. the charger: in both cases, 240V models that take only a few hours to charge up the cars, not days

So, it shouldn't be surprising that he'd be among the first buyers of the Chevrolet Bolt all electric car on which he took delivery January 3rd. In doing so, he entered the exalted ranks of the truly "early adopter," driving one of the first of some 500-plus Bolts to roll off GM's assembly line. But more importantly for him personally, he eliminated one of the major worries of any early car owner: that dreaded "range anxiety."

Rizzo works in Hollywood as an electric engineer, keeping the "lights, camera, action" working behind the scenes. His commute one way is some 40 miles, "up hill both ways," is how it describes it though in actuality the drive into work near LAX is a mostly a long downhill one on the legendary and much loathed 405, which is also a significant factor in why he went electric: the much sought-after carpool lane stickers for hybrids and EVs.

As long as he and his wife worked in the same general area, they could car pool together and use the "diamond" lane. Once he changed jobs, his new employer near the airport, hers in Burbank, they had to take separate vehicles. That meant commutes that were 40 minutes in the car pool lane were now a hour and half; hence the decision to lease the Energi for two years and then the Spark. But neither car was able to make the drive without having to recharge all day at work using 110V. An understanding and supportive employee allowed that, but still that trip back home in the Spark with its, at best, range of 70-80 miles, wasn't entirely worry free, especially since it was uphill a good share of the way. While Rizzo only ran out of "juice" once headed home, and that was more in the way of an experiment, having the Bolt with its 200+ miles range per charge has eliminated that concern.

Find out more about what he thinks of the Bolt in this two-part video interview with me.

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

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Originally published: 16 Jan 2017


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