Hydrogen Joy Ride

By Bill Moore

Honda dealer Chris Schneider's driven just about every hybrid, electric and even fuel cell cars available and in his opinion, he just leased the best of the batch, the second generation Honda Clarity fuel cell sedan.

Chris Schneider is the owner of Honda Motorwerks in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, on the border with Minnesota. He calls himself an AFV 'guru'. When I explained that AFV is an acronym for "alternative fuel vehicle," he quickly corrected me. "I prefer to call them advanced fuel vehicles."

Point taken.

During his 38 years in the car business, he's had the opportunity to drive just about every model of electric-drive - and alt-fueled - vehicles to come on the market. That not only includes models offered by Honda from their very first prototype FCX fuel cell car to their compressed natural gas (CNG) Civics. Besides Honda cars, Honda Motorwerks also currently offers used models from Toyota (Prius), Ford (Focus EV) and Nissan (LEAF).

After their daughter announced they would shortly be grandparents, he decided to buy an investment property in the San Diego area near her. That purchase and soon-to-be grandchild gave him the perfect excuse to also lease the newest generation Honda Clarity hydrogen FCEV, which he just took delivery of a few weeks ago.

Curious to hear more about his experiences, including his first 1,000 miles on hydrogen, he graciously (and enthusiastically) agreed to talk to EV World. As most EV World readers are likely aware, not everyone is convinced of the merits or future of fuel cell cars. Tesla CEO Elon Musk disparages them as "fool cell" vehicles. We thought talking with Schneider might provide a countervailing perspective.

It did.

Below is the MP3 recording of our dialogue. You can also download the file for playback on your favorite MP3 device.

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Originally published: 08 Mar 2017


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