JuiceNet App allows user management of EV charging
JuiceNet App allows user management of EV charging

How Not to Crash the Grid:
Yes, There's an App for That

By Bill Moore

eMotorWerks' Preston Roper explains how his company is leveraging their charge management software to help better manage the interaction someday of tens of thousands of EVs and the power grid.

Back at the dawn of the modern EV age, one of the key questions being asked is how many new power plants will we need to build to satisfy the needs of the millions of electric vehicles that will someday ply the world's roads. For American, at least, the answer was none… zip, zero, nada. There is currently enough power in reserve to charge up virtually all of America's current fleet of ICE age vehicles if they magically transformed into electric vehicles.

Of course, that can't happen. Between here and then is a long one, but there was one critical caveat: when they charged had to be mostly at night when much of the grid is largely idle. If they all tried to plug in at the same time, say 6 pm at night or 8 AM in the morning, it would overload the grid and crash it.

So, government labs, state officials, and industry researchers began to look for ways to control when and how much people charged their electric cars. At that point in time, in the mid-Oughts, the issue was largely academic. No more. The success of Tesla, spurred by government incentives and rapidly advancing technology, is leading to explosive growth in EVs both in US and aboard, especially Europe and China.

One little company whose main product is a relatively affordable home charging station called JuiceBox, is leveraging their charge management technology that not only gives EV owners mastery of their charging routine via smart phone, but more importantly, integrates those chargers into its "Cloud-based EVSE Management and Dispatch" system, what they call JuiceNet®

I spoke with eMotorWerk's Chief Operating Officer Preston Roper, who also wears their CMO hat, about their recent announcement of partnering with AeroVironment (AV) to integrate their chargers into JuiceNet. While 80-90% of the company's business remains its JuiceBox smart home chargers with some 20,000 units now connected to the grid, it seem's clear, given the collaborations already announced and those that are forthcoming, that Roper sees a strong future for the distribution management side of the business.

This interview is just under 30-minutes in length and divided into two segments. If you watch them on Youtube please be sure the "Like" them… assuming, of course, you do.

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

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Originally published: 02 Apr 2017


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