StoreDot cofounder and CEO Doron Myersdorf
StoreDot cofounder and CEO Doron Myersdorf

StoreDot: The Holy Grail of Electric Car Batteries?

By Bill Moore

This Israeli startup has come up with a way to recharge your cellphone in 30 seconds and your electric car in five minutes. There's just one caveat...

Siting on my desk is a 2 terabyte computer storage device that measures 11.5 cm by 7.5 cm by 1 cm thick. It's a fraction of the size of my old backup drive and four times the memory. In the Cannon Powershot digital camera I just bought is a 16GB memory chip not much bigger than my thumbnail. It's capable of storing a 1000 photos.

Best of all, this remarkable achievement in increased computer memory capacity hasn't come at an increase in price: in fact, just the opposite. My Seagate SSD drive cost half what my old drive did, if memory serves. The technology that made it possible now has found its way into cellphone batteries and was recently demonstrated in an EV-scale battery cell that promises ranges up to 300 miles and recharge times of just five minutes.

The company behind the technology is StoreDot , a five year-old Israeli startup with 70 employees, 30 of whom are PhDs specializing in everything from physics to organic chemistry. They are out to completely disrupt the transportation industry with what may be, in effect, the "Holy Grail" of electric cars: a battery that acts like a super-capacitor when charging, but a lithium-ion battery when it discharges. In effect, a battery that offers long driving range and recharge times competitive with refueling the family car.

Doron Myersdorf is the co-founder and CEO of StoreDot, based on Herzeliya, Israel, north of Tel Aviv. He spoke with EV World publisher Bill Moore from his office in Israel, explaining the background of the technology, how it works and why it's likely to revolutionize the automotive industry. You can stream the 26-minute interview through the imbedded MP3 player or download it to your computer for playback on your favorite MP3 device.

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Originally published: 17 May 2017


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