Hobbyist/Prosumer Quadcopter
Hobbyist/Prosumer Quadcopter

The Unmanned Vehicle Revolution:
From Remote Control to AI

By Bill Moore

Brian Wynne heads up the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, the industry group charged with coordinating the safe, responsible development and deployment of unmanned vehicles systems.

You can walk into your local Bed Bath and Beyond and buy a unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV. It's tiny and it's just a toy, but its very presence in such an anomalous retail setting illustrates how pervasive the technology is becoming; and it isn't just limited to recreational quadcopters flown largely for fun.

The same technology that makes that quadcopter fly stably and take 360 degree color photos or HD video, also makes it possible for soldiers to safely scout potentially dangerous urban streets in besieged Syrian or Iraqi cities. It may, within the next decade or so, enable you to call up an autonomous air taxi operated by Uber. But also like the old scout biplanes of World War I or American Predator drones, surveillance may give way to more lethal applications.

These are just some of the issues confronting the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International headed up by Brian Wynne, a 25-year veteran of the Washington, D.C. political environment. His organization represents interests that encompass unmanned systems on land, sea and air. In his previous position, he headed up the Electric Drive Transportation Association focused on electric vehicles, mainly in the automotive sector.

Now those two sectors are converging as EVs - of all shapes and sizes, operating on land, at sea and in the air - and increasingly AI-driven robotics find complementary applications they can share from Amazon's plans to deliver small parcels by air to on-demand autonomous urban shuttles that may someday replace a significant number of private cars on city streets and roads.

In our 30+ minute interview with Wynne, we discuss the role of his organization, the challenges of unmanned systems, where he sees the strongest growth, and his views on artificial intelligence - does it keep him awake a night?

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Originally published: 08 Jun 2017


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