2018 Nissan LEAFS
2018 Nissan LEAFS

The Power of Group Buying Electric Vehicles

By Bill Moore

Southwest Energy Efficiency Project or SWEEP helps facilitate group buys of brand new electric vehicles, principally Nissan LEAF electric cars, in some cases for less than $10,000US. Matt Frommer explains how.

How would you like to own a brand new electric car for less than half its original sticker price?

That’s what Matt Frommer and the folks at SWEEP, the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, have been making possible over the last three years in six US southwestern states. By brining together stakeholders like Xcel Energy, a major power provider and Nissan, along with both state and federal incentives, group participants have been able to buy 2017 LEAF all-electric cars for less than $10,000.

And while the likes of Chevy and Tesla haven’t seen the need to participate in similar group buy efforts, BMW also now is participating. And in at least a couple of locations in Utah, the program now includes electric-assist bicycles, as well.

In this 29-minute Skype video, Frommer, who was on vacation at his parent’s home in New Jersey, explains how the program works, which now includes dealerships in Massachusetts. For regions where only a few EVs might be sold in any given month before the group buy initiative, which was originally patterned after a similar group buy program for solar panels, sales of EVs have jumped into the dozens a month.

Admittedly, as encouraging as those numbers are, they are still a drop in the bucket compared to the number of ICE-age models being sold still each month, but it is a financially viable way for buyers keen to kick their fossil fuel addiction, as well as help electric utilities grow market share and OEMs with excess inventory to move it out the door.

SWEEP has produced a how-to workbook for groups interested in emulating their efforts. You can download it here.

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Originally published: 09 Aug 2018


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