A Guide to the New Web Site

Updated: 28-January-2013

It has been several years since EV World's web presense has been updated and in that time there's been a wireless mobile revolution with the growth in smart phones and tablet computers. This new design was developed with both the web and those devices in mind.

Besides introducing a new graphic layout, we also introduced a new way of organizing information, again meant to be more in tune with the immediacy of mobile computing. We call this new feature CHRONOLOG. Summaries of all new information, along with their accompanying links, are now collected on a single page in weekly groupings, starting with the Home Page: Feature Articles, Videos, Contributor Commentaries, Newswires, and a new feature called E-Bike Insights, sponsored by ePEDALER.com, are organized now on a single page. To view any previous week, click the GREEN ARROW BUTTON. The buttons will take you, virtually, backward and forward in time. The GRAY ARROW BUTTONS on many pages move you sequentially from one item to the next.

The second new feature on the site are the numerous SLIDE CAROUSELS, which not only provide visual enhancement, they also provide access to items related to the that image: a news item, feature story, or edition of EV World INSIDER ILLUSTRATED, for example. Clicking on any side image in the carousel brings it to the front. Positioning can also be controlled using the Slide Left and Slide Right links. Frankly, it's very easy to get lost in this EV World, but that's the fun of discovery. If you do find yourself deep in the canyons of information, just click START to return to our Home Page.

As we revamped the web site, we realized that since our launch in 1998, we have accumulated a treasure trove of images, sound files, articles, commentaries, newsletters, newswire stories, and more, much of it virtually inaccessible under the old design regime. We have addressed that shortcoming in ARCHIVES. We've organized the data by YEAR. Tap the category you wish to view and the accordion-style menu opens, revealing the years for which we have information stored in our database.

The Resources section now includes our Industry Events Calendar, links to relevant websites and EV Associations, as well as a new, more comprehensive Metric Converter for the more technical of bent. You'll also find our revamped Search Engine, plus Google.

Pretty self-explanatory: Subscriptions lets you sign up for our FREE email newsletter service, buy indiviual copies of EV World INSIDER ILLUSTRATED, our regular, digital magazine for tablet computers, along the form to sign up as paid PREMIUM subscriber. It's also under this section that PREMIUM subscribers can manage their account. Additionally, we've now made it easier for our BASIC [free] subscribers to also better manage their account using the same ACCOUNT LOGIN form in the right-hand column of each web page. Enter your email address and password to gain access.

In this present (2013) version of EV World, we've chosen - for now - to rely on our sister website, Electriccarprogess.com to feature electric cars. Frankly, the options now available and soon to be are making it a very time consuming process to manage. If you need vehicle specs, go to the manufacturer. If you want to know what people think about these products, you'll find it here on EV World.

This new design is a work-in-progress. There are sections from previous version of EV World that we've left out for various reasons of time management or their vulnerability to spammers and hackers. As time permits, we may reintroduce them. If there's a particular feature you'd like to see either restored or introduced, let us know at Webmaster@evworld.com.