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The ‘Climate control’ Auto-mobile

By Ralph Panhuyzen

Will the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris make car makers contemplate new ways? Some say that trillions of dollars in the 'conventional carbon economy' will evaporate when governments take measures to counter global warming. Can the car do both: keep what's good and reverse what's bad?

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Quikbyke Begins Its MVP Journey

By Bill Moore

It's fairly easy to create a minimally viable product when you're talking software, but what's an MVP for a hardware-based service enterprise? Our Quikbyke startup is about to find out.

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Ebikes and “Quality”

By Ed Benjamin

The quality of a modern automobile has significantly improved over the past few decades largely due to global competition and technological advances. Now the same thing needs to happen to bicycles, especially electric-assist models.

Electric Cars and Global Warming

Union of Concerned Scientists video explores the global warming emissions of EVs on a lifecycle basis, from the manufacturing of their batteries to their ultimate disposal or reuse.

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