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Our Perfect Storm

By John Gilkison

How a host of positive feedback loops and other human factors are locking us in to abrupt climate change and a dramatic sea level rise. Worse still it may already be too late to do much of anything about it. How the IPCC has been way too conservative in their assessments.

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Are Tesla, Google, Apple, Atieva, Faraday F. all wrong?

By Ralph Panhuyzen

Private and public transport. The first is completely dominated by the car industry. The second is 'ruled' by transportation companies and government agencies. Will Google and TNCs like Uber bridge the gap between what has always been regarded as two separate 'worlds' - private and public transport? If so, will a new type of vehicle come in handy, even be preferred?

First Flight of the 'Swarm' Multicopter

On August 29, 2015, an unnamed Brit test flew for the first time a 54-motor multicopter for some 6-minutes. Here's the footage of 'The Swarm' in flight.

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