Kickstarting the New Atomic Age?

Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works claims it's had a breakthrough in creating a Compact Fusion Reactor the size of a semi-trailer but capable of safely powering 80,000 homes, while LENR receives its own boost in the form of a 32 day-long test.


a d v e r t i s e r

Star Trek Officers Transport By Volkswagen Electric Cars

Volkswagen brings together Star Trek actors William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, along with young Trekkie, to introduce its new e-Golf electric car and XL1 super-efficient hybrid in this new television commercial and follow-up documentary short.



Bill Moore
Bill Moore


I've been intrigued by the video being shot with the tiny GoPro camera and then I saw the remarkable HD footage shot from the beak of a pelican at InterBike 2014 last month. So I bought one via an eBay auction with the aim of building an electric bicycle tour business. Here's the result of the first shoot.

Steve Stollman
Steve Stollman


Bicycles are great, but they have their shortcomings, especially as the weather turns wet and cold. What's need to make them viable year-round are creative solutions that meld form and function into the perfect Light Electric Vehicle.


Top 20 Newswire Articles of Previous Week

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Philippines Seen as Regional Hub for EV Manufacturing & Jobs
The integration of electric 'jeepneys' into Manila's public transportation system, along with the growth of electric tricycle 'ricksaws' promises as many as 10,000 new jobs.

What's Needed to Jolt China's Electric Car Industry
Three factors identified as necessary to successfully drive the adoption of electric cars in China: quality products, complementary amenities and smart business models.

Detroit Electric Receives Order for 300 EVs on Korea's Jeju Island
300 vehicle order is part of pilot program to introduce electric vehicles into Korea starting on the resort island.

Tesla's High Road to China A Bumpy One
Tesla Motors entry into the car market in China is complicated by lack of charging infrastructure, multi-family housing, registration rules and growing competition.

BYD Wins Contract to Provide Electric Taxis For Brussels
Of the 50-car order for battery-powered BYD e6 taxis, 34 where acquired by local operators and in the process beating out Renault and Nissan.

ING Bank Acquires 51 BMW i3 As Part of '100% Electric Mobility' Pilot
Participants in the pilot program are based in Amsterdam and live within a radius of 45 kilometers of their work.

China Group to Buy Stake in Carbon Fiber e-Go Electric Car
USA-based 2050 Motors will import within the next six weeks the all-electric car manufactured in China, with plans to complete assembly of future cars in the US.

It's Time to Stop Ignoring the Health Costs of ICE-Age Automobiles
A 2013 MIT study concluded that in the United Kingdom more people suffer premature deaths from breathing in auto emissions than from auto accidents.

Utilities, Carmakers to Test Controlled Electric Car Charging
Sacramento Municipal Utility District will test software on Thursday that can send a message to the cloud, which in turn can then send a message to cars instructing them to turn off their charge.

Georgia Electric Car Advocates Plan Fight Over EV Tax Credit Cut
With the availability of a $5,000US state tax credit, Atlanta is second only to San Francisco in the U.S. for electric car ownership.

20 US States Offer Major Electric Car Incentives
Succinct listing of US states with various forms of electric-drive car incentives.

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