How ProdecoTech Found Its Groove

Virtually all electric bicycles are manufactured and assembled offshore. Only a mere handful of companies assemble theirs in the United States. One of those is Oakland Park, Florida-based ProdecoTech and we sit down with its co-founder and VP for Business Development, Dan Del Aquila, during Interbike 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


a d v e r t i s e r

Yo! Test Rides in Smart Electric Car

Smart conducts the first Yo! test drive program of its electric smart fortwo on the streets of San Francisco. Here's what the passengers experienced and said.



Noel Adams
Noel Adams


The number of plug-in cars is growing at a much faster pace than the number of public charging stations so there is growing completion for the limited supply. To facilitate the use of these charging stations we need to have some guidelines so we can avoid conflict and maximize electric miles driven.

Bill Moore
Bill Moore


Is there some agenda at work over at Time magazine to undermine the transition to a cleaner, greener transportation system. These recent two inflammatory headlines would argue there is.



China is the world leader when it comes sheer numbers of electric bicycles and mopeds they turn out every year, literally in the tens of millions, but language, custom and business philosophy can be a daunting gulf to cross if you're looking to source your products there.


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Eco-Friendly Batteries from Alfalfa and Pine Resin
Uppsala University’s Ångström Laboratory develop a battery based on recoverable and renewable biological material with an energy content corresponding to that of current lithium-ion batteries.

Winfried Hoffman: Battery Storage As Low As 0.6¢/kWh by 2030
Hoffman predicted the rapid fall in solar PV panel costs and now predicts battery costs will call from their €0.20/kWh ($0.25) in 2012 to €0.05/kWh ($0.06) in 2030.


As in Europe, E-Bikes Buoy China's Bicycle Industry in 2013
While production of regular pedal bicycles dropped 0.9% from 2012, e-bike production increased 5.4% in 2013

Falco's New E-bike Motor Can be Controlled by Your Heart
The company plans to particularly target older cyclists who are out of shape and afraid of overtaxing their hearts on long rides.

Tour the World First Class by A2B Electric Bike
Luxury travel group VeryFirstTo has put together an £80,000 travel package that includes use of the A2B electric bike in 12 'of the most fashionable cities in the world.'

BMW i3: One Zippy Electric Ride
Mark Kennedy reports after driving the i3 that it is 'fun, fuel efficient and earth-friendly.'

Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Mule: One 'Boring' Drive
Kyle Russell doesn't actually get to drive the Mirai production car, but finds its test mule versions unremarkable.

Volt Catches Fire After Being Rear-Ended, But Not From What You'd Think
Investigation finds that collision caused 12V lead-acid battery terminal to contact with metal car body, producing a spark that ignited the carpet. Neither the lithium battery nor the fuel tank were breached.

Volkswagen Equips New Passat GTE with Electric Hybrid Drive
VW Passat GTE, which will be offered in both sedan and wagon version, can be driven up to 50 km (31 miles) in the all-electric “E-Mode.”

Mercedes Plans to Offer At Least 10 Electric Hybrid Models by 2017
The Mercedes Benz S500 Plug-in Hybrid is only the first of a planned launch of multiple models of grid-charged hybrid luxury cars.

BMW Launches Online i8 Electric Hybrid Sport Coupe Configurator
BMW's new online configurator offers only a handful of interior and exterior options on their electric hybrid sport coupe.

Wanxiang Reportedly Plans to Reintroduce Fisker Electric Hybrid Luxury Coupe in 2015
Once considered a competitor to Tesla, the company was forced into bankruptcy and most of its assets acquired by Chinese autoparts maker, Wanxiang.

Who is 'Shanghaiing' Tesla Model S Electric Cars in China?
Of the approximately 2,800 Model S electric cars sold in China, only 432 have actually been licensed, posing the question of what are all the others?

Iowa Joins the Battle to Keep Tesla From Selling Cars in the Hawkeye State
The Iowa Department of Transportation has asked Tesla to stop its West Des Moines test drives after being alerted to the event by the Iowa Automobile Dealers Association

Can Anyone Offer a Serious Challenge to Tesla?
John Rosevear asks the question and considers Tesla's chief rivals and concludes 'Tesla competitors could be coming, but not right away.'

Tesla Takes on Christie Administration in Lawsuit
Tesla newly filed legal brief argues that New Jersey's MVC has no authority to enforce the state’s Franchise Practices Act.

Tesla Helps Charge Up Sales of Electric Cars in Europe
According JATO Dynamics, electric vehicle sales spiked 91 percent in Europe in the first half of 2014 with sales of Tesla Model S's dominating, followed by BMW's i3.

Tesla Expands Its Base In Hong Kong
Tesla’s workforce in Hong Kong will exceed 100 people by the end of the year as it aims to turn the former British colony into a showcase for its electric car technology.

Tesla Aims to Move Beyond the 'Rich Man's Toy' Image in China
Rebecca Fannin reports on Tesla's strategy in China to market their electric cars as "a convenient, reliable, safe vehicle that is affordable."

How California Is Leading the Charge to Cut Tailpipe Emissions
Californians bought as many as 26,482 electric vehicles this year, more than any country including second-place China, with a population that's 35 times bigger.

Here's Why Electric Cars Are Less Expensive to Service
In the long run, electric cars are going to be much cheaper to service and offer greater reliability, contends Scott Huntington, who got ride of his Mercury Mountaineer SUV.

Six Tips to Avoid Electric Car Charging Rage
Business Car Manager offers tips to its readers, most of whom are business car lessees, on using electric car charging stations in Britain.

French Group Collaborates to Repurpose Electric Car Batteries to Charging Network
For storage, Eco2charge will use end-of-life Renault electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries, which will be utilized in even out grid demand for electric cars at business and educational campuses.

Solar Power, Battery Storage and Electric Cars: The Utility Killing Apps
Gerard Reid, founder and managing partner of Alexa Capital, foresees the merging of these three key technologies as leading to the development of decentralized microgrids.

'Green' Cars Aren't As 'Green' As You'd Assume
Matt DiLallo focuses on the energy costs of producing aluminum, which is used extensively in Tesla Motors electric cars, as well as other motor vehicles.

That Electric Car May Not Be Totally Emission-Free, But It Is Getting Cleaner Thanks to Natural Gas
As more electric utilities switch from coal to natural gas, regional grids are getting clean, producing fewer carbon and other pollutants and that helps electric cars.

California's Electric Car Credits Aren't Making the Air Cleaner
Lisa Margonelli argues that the state's EV incentives need to replace the gas-guzzling clunkers that are polluting the state, not helping the rich drive electric cars.

Eurotunnel Deploys Fleet of 18 Renault ZOE Electric Cars
Eurotunnel Group will use the electric cars to help reduce the carbon footprint of the channel crossing.

Norway Warms Up to Electric Car Sharing
Looking at EDF and Toyota's three-year trial of the i-Road electric vehicle, five of Norway's largest cities are at various stages in deploying their own EV-based carshare schemes.

Renault Electric Car Sales Down for Year-to-Date
Renault's best selling electric vehicle is the ZOE, with nearly 4,800 sold year-to-date with total numbers of all EVs, including the Twizy, is just over 9,000 units.

Ireland to Offer Incentive Package to Boost Electric Car Sales
With just 58 electric (not including hybrid) cars sold in Ireland last year compared to 23,000 in the Netherlands, the package is expected to include expanded charging network and fiscal incentives.

German Gov't Approves Electric Car Incentives
Among its incentives, the law gives municipalities the possibility to reserve parking spaces at charging stations for electric vehicles as well as provide free parking.

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