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Jeep Yuntu plug-in hybrid.

Jeep "Cloud" Electric Hybrid Destined for China Market

The seven-passenger SUV concept reportedly will have a EV-mode range of up to 40 miles (65km).

Jeep, like Volkswagen, has been a long established brand in China. The Beijing Jeep Corporation (BJC) was established in 1957, quite possibly making it the longest, continuously manufactured US-originated automobile in China. And like all car brands, it also needs to continuously evolve its product line up, just as it's done elsewhere in the ...

Volvo sedan concept. Company hasn't yet decided on model type: sedan or SUV.

Volvo Plans China-Built Tesla Model 3 Competitor

It will have range of 250 miles and a price tag somewhere between $35-40,000.

Volvo has a solid reputation for quality and safety, which are two reasons China's Geely Automotive bought the company - among other acquisitions, including the London Taxi Company, makers of the famed Black Cabs - from Ford in 2010 for a mere $1.8 Billion.

While its cars cont...

Presumed photo of Ililum in flight

German Electric "Jet" VTOL Startup Claims First Flight

Two-seat prototype purportedly makes first successful unmanned test flight in Germany, paving way for future "sky taxi.'

If the video below is to be believed, and these days with hyper-realistic CGI, it's getting damned hard to tell fact from fiction, German startup Ililum conducted their first successful vertical takeoff and landing; and importantly made a smooth transition to straight forward flight yesterday ...

XING Mobility Miss R electric supercar-for-two

Put Some XING In Your Street-Legal Electric Racer

Miss R can do zero-to-100km/h in 2 seconds thanks to 1,341hp of electric propulsion.

Two seats and more than 1,340 hp will power Miss R, the creation of XING Mobility, based in Taiwan. The Super-car, "road-legal" racer is on display at EV Taiwan 2017. It's mission is to showcase the company's "race-derived technology." The prototype is slated to rollout late this year. Details are available in the company press release below.<...

VW ID Crozz electric concept car aimed at China market.

VW Debuts ID Crozz Electric SUV Concept, Plus Others in China

Volkswagen's ID Crozz electric car concept could have a range of more than 300 miles.

Human beings are a curious creature, regardless of ethnicity or citizenship. We want to feel safe when we're driving, so we lean towards bigger, taller cars: hence the surge popularity of SUVs and pickups over sedans and compact cars. But we're also increasingly concerned about our environment, especially in places like China where pois...

Nissan LEAF belongs to Guyana embassy in Havana.

Cuba Gasoline Shortage Poses Opportunity for Electric Cars

The successful importation of the first Nissan LEAF into Havana signals the opportunity to follow up with more electric cars

For decades Venezuela's Hugo Chavez subsidized Cuba's communist economy with oil in exchange for the island's surfeit of medical doctors and technicians. When Chavez died and Venezuela began its rapid descent into a political and economic morass, shipments of cheap crude began to slip, forcing the Raul Castro government to tighten its financial ...

a d v e r t i s e r
a d v e r t i s e r

Fully Charged: BMW i3 Motorway Romp

Fully Charged host Robert Llewellyn takes BMW i3 for run up the motorway, recalling how much he really likes this all-electric car.

Formula E Marrakech Highlights

Highlights from second race of Season 3, the first e-race in Africa.

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Will the electric car 'really take off' this time?

By Ralph Panhuyzen

Uber says it will launch flying taxis in Texas and Dubai by 2020. It announced this at the Uber Elevate Summit that is taking place right now in Dallas, Texas. People have been fantasizing about flying cars for ages. Seamless transit through the air or by road, whichever suits your needs, is the huge, unexplored void between regular air travel and using passenger cars. Talking about potential...

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Expert warns Bolivia will not enter the new global energy mix with lithium

By Juan Carlos Zuleta

In a recent interview with the Spanish news agency EFE, Bolivian lithium expert, Juan Carlos Zuleta, warned that Bolivia will not be part of the new global energy mix with lithium because it has not been able to do things in time. He added that Bolivia is no longer the only leader in identified lithium resources in the world since beginning February this year it shares that place with Argentina. Lastly, he urged the Bolivian Government “to change the chip” consisting of Bolivia’s betting on development of magnesium as a main resource and lithium as secondary, something that, however, will involve additional work because it would require a lot of energy.

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Emissions by the TON

By Jim Stack

Vehicles and power plants powered by Fossil Fuels all make emissions. Lots of it. How long will we keep doing that?

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