Final EV World Insider Illustrated for 2012 features our first drive of the Tesla Model S, Noel Adams' final installment of his annual report on the 2012 LA Auto Show, and one out-of-the-box design for an future solar-powered hybrid airliner. John Wayland pays tribute to the passing this month of Don 'Father Time' Crabtree.
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IT'S PERSONAL:    Also Meet the 'Millennials'

I am a member of the Baby Boom generation having been born, well, a few decades ago. There are some 77 million of us and we have a lot of financial and political clout, but we aren’t the only kids on the block anymore. It turns out there’s now an even larger (78+ million) demographic group than we Boomers: the Millennials born between 1980-2000, the first few waves of whom are entering the work force. 

I just finished reading Thom and Jess Rainer’s ‘The Millennials.’ The father-son team conducted some 1,200 interviews to take the group’s pulse, what they believe and why. I thought it worth a read, especially, since they represent the largest group who are beginning to influence the present (i.e., the 2012 US presidential election) and the future. What the Rainer’s discovered is Millennials aren’t necessarily more environmentally mindful than the rest of us. Instead, they are keenly interested in making a positive difference on society. Their focus on pursuing well paying jobs isn’t for the status wealth might bring, but for the good it would allow them to do. And those jobs, themselves, need to be meaningful to society and offer opportunities for personal growth. If they have a negative side, it’s their mild resentment of Boomers like me, whom they perceive as holding them back from achieving their potential. Above all, perhaps, they are the most hopeful of generations, and we can learn from them as much as they can learn from us.


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