The True Cost of Diesel

The new, cleaner, greener fuel being used now in New Zealand comes with a sometimes costly loophole: the lower sulphur fuel hardens the seals in the motor.

Published: 27-Jan-2006

If you're fed up with the constant petrol price rises and thinking about changing to diesel - think again.

While you may think it's much cheaper to drive a diesel vehicle, the reality is quite different and if you drive a diesel vehicle the price of fuel has never been higher. Currently it's selling for nearly $1.06 a litre.

And the days of the gas guzzler are definitely numbered with transport officials confirming they're looking at increasing registration costs for drivers with inefficient cars.


Technology allows diesels to meet toughest upcoming emissions rules; automakers' hybrid alliances show lack of belief in gas-electric future.

Mercedes-Benz confirmed that it will introduce five diesel models beginning this fall. Honda, BMW, Nissan and the Chrysler group each confirmed plans to add diesels to their lineups over the next three to four years. Photo: Mercedes E-320 BlueTec diesel.

With over seven million of its world-famous HDi diesel engines under its belt, PSA-Peugeot-Citroen is considered the foremost authority on diesel technology,


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