Nuvera Fuel Cell Powers Fiat Panda at Turin Winter Olympics

Nuvera's automotive fuel cell technology featured in the Fiat Panda Hydrogen was officially presented at the first Hydrogen Olympics in Turin, Italy.

Published: 14-Feb-2006

TURIN, ITALY,  FEBRUARY 13th, 2006 – Nuvera Fuel Cells announced today that Fiat presented the Panda Hydrogen, a fuel cell powered car, at Hy Park, scene of the first ever Hydrogen Olympics.

Hy Park, promoted by Regione Piemonte, is not just a show-case of hydrogen technologies, but the demonstration of Regione system approach where local industries, research centers, academia, together with the Fiat Group, play a leading role in developing hydrogen applications.  Hy Park meets the Olympic Winter Games with a new found force and celebrates an extraordinary event:  the first Olympics where hydrogen will be used to produce energy.  Hy Park takes place in Turin from February 8 – 19.

The Fiat Panda Hydrogen is the first vehicle that features Nuvera’s new Andromeda II stack, which has high power density, cold start capability and extreme durability.

The mass of people attending the Winter Games will be introduced to hydrogen energy through the Hydrogen Olympics, the only other major event taking place in Turin at this time.  Fiat presented the Panda Hydrogen to the Regione Piemonte, of which Turin is the capital city, where they also announced a cooperation to develop hydrogen fuelled transportation and the study of a test fleet of Panda Hydrogen cars featuring Nuvera stack technology.

Nuvera Fuel Cells is a global leader in the development and advancement of multi-fuel processing and fuel cell technology committed to providing clean, safe and efficient power solutions. With offices located in Italy and the USA, Nuvera is committed to advancing the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell power modules for industrial vehicles, equipment and stationary applications, natural gas fuel cell power systems for cogeneration applications, and on-board gasoline fuel processors and fuel cell stacks for automotive applications. Nuvera Fuel Cells Europe is ISO 9001:2000 certified for “Research, Development, Design, Production and Servicing of Fuel Cell Stacks and Fuel Cell Systems.”
Fiat is one of the pioneer companies in the automobile industry, and has produced more than 85 million passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, including no less than 400 models, since 1899, when the company was founded in Turin, Italy. Some of them have represented milestones in the automotive industry.  The Fiat Group's Automobiles Sector operates world-wide with the following brands: Fiat, celebrated for value, economy, and innovation and whose mass produced cars are distributed over almost the entire price class spectrum; Lancia (acquired in 1969) means prestige cars noted for their elegant styling, and comfort; Alfa Romeo (acquired in 1986) is famous as a maker of sport and luxury vehicles of style and distinction; Maserati (acquired in 1992) represents a landmark in the history of the automobile; Ferrari (acquired in 1969), well renowned for unsurpassed design, performance, and luxury, is a legendary automobile that imparts special cachet to its owner.;;;;;

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