HyMotion Introduces Plug-In Hybrid Technology

According to Ricardo Bazzarella, the lithium-ion battery module in the Prius is a working demonstrator, while the one in the Ford Escape Hybrid is a mockup, awaiting installation of its lithium batteries.

Published: 20-Feb-2006

"We, as a green technology company, believe that Plug-in Hybrid is the most favorable ecological solution for the future in the automotive industry." President Ricardo Bazzarella said today. Toronto, ON. February 21, 2006: This week at one of the premier international auto shows in the world, Hymotion unveiled its Plug-in Hybrid Technology.

This groundbreaking technology moves the Hybrid industry into the next level. The PHEV (Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle) will now be even more fuel efficient and easier to use.

The Hymotion PHEV has an additional battery system that can be recharged by plugging it into a regular household electrical outlet. This extra battery system in turn, allow the hybrid car to travel longer distance solely on battery power, while still allowing it to operate as a normal hybrid car. Therefore, PHEV is a pure electric and zero-emission car for your local travel.

Working Plug-in Hybrid Module for Toyota Prius

What does this mean for the future? A production hybrid gets about double the fuel economy of a conventional car; A Hymotion Plug-in hybrid will get again about double the fuel economy of a hybrid. While conventional Hybrid obtains its energy from gasoline, the Hymotion PHEV acquires most its energy from the electric grid during off peak hours.

According to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), half the cars in the U.S. are driven just 25 miles a day or less. "A plug-in vehicle with even a 20-mile range could reduce petroleum fuel consumption by about 60 percent," says Bob Graham, Manager of EPRI's Electric Transmission program.

Zero Emissions, when the PHEV drives on battery power alone, it produces zero emissions, making it very environmentally friendly. Hymotion PHEV system can go longer on battery power alone, and combusting gasoline inside the engine became optional.

Anthony Wei, Vice-President Business Development explains: "The secret ingredient to the 100 plus miles per gallon performance is the Lithium Ion Polymer technology in our PHEV battery. It's smaller, lighter, and more powerful than the NiMH batteries currently use in all Hybrid vehicle. This is the future."

Hymotion is a green technology company with headquarters and research and development lab in Toronto, Canada. The company also has offices in Boston, USA, and five subcontractor facilities across North America.

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Unlike dual-mode hybrids on the road today, plug-in hybrids recharge by plugging into the electric grid.


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