Bush Encourages Purchase of Energy-Saving Devices

Johnson Control is working on the next generation of hybrids that can be plugged in at home to recharge a new line of batteries that will further decrease gasoline use and pollution.

Published: 21-Feb-2006

MILWAUKEE — President Bush visited one of the nation's leading producers of energy-efficient technologies Monday and hailed the company's innovations as proof that the United States can one day wean itself off foreign oil.

Speaking at Johnson Controls, a Fortune 500 company that produces batteries for hybrid vehicles and energy-saving devices for buildings, Bush said, "In order to seize the moment, this country needs to remain technologically advanced."

Reiterating his belief that the nation is "addicted to foreign oil," the president renewed his call for increased spending on science research, development and education and greater government incentives for the makers and users of alternative sources of energy.


Hybrid car would plug into house current to recharge battery pack that would allow the average driver to go more than 250 miles on a gallon of gasoline.

Remarks to the president after May 3, 2006 Cabinet meeting.

Excerpted remarks by G.W. Bush from Pennsylvania Congressional Victory Committee Dinner


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