Saab Aero X Runs on 100 Percent Bioethanol

Concept car is powered by 400 bhp, twin-turbo, V6 BioPower engine, though it likely will never be mass produced.

Published: 10-Mar-2006

Saab broke the ice at the Geneva Motor Show by creating a Scandinavian atmosphere to reveal its stunning Aero X Concept car at the GM Premiere Night. As the Aero X emerged in dramatic fashion amid 55 tons of specially imported Swedish ice, Saab's managing director Jan-Åke Jonsson said: "This car makes a powerful statement for the brand. It demonstrates that Saab is on the move and speaks for the confidence GM has in us. It also shows how far we can take the Saab brand in the future and will inspire our designers as they define how our brand's character will be expressed in the next-generation of Saab cars."

The Aero X is an exciting sports coupé that harnesses the power of Saab's aircraft and Scandinavian design roots. Its innovative features include an aircraft-style cockpit canopy, eliminating the need for doors, and a 400 bhp, twin-turbo, V6 BioPower engine fuelled by pure bioethanol, giving zero fossil CO2 emissions. Inside, the cabin utilizes techniques derived from Swedish glass and precision instrument making to display data in graphic 3-D images on glass-like acrylic 'clear zones', eliminating conventional dials and switches.

Anthony Lo, Director of Advanced Design GM Europe, who led the Aero X design team, said: "This car is what you get when you allow designers to take Saab´s rich heritage and dream. But the Aero X is much more than that - it's a canvas to explore the potential signature cues for Saab's next generation product portfolio."


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